Christmasworld 2018

Also this year Team went to the biggest trade fair fair in the world, Christmas World in the Frankfurt Messe Germany, to spot the latest trends in the Christmas spirit and of course the mini-village collections. To take lots of photos and make arrangements for the Minidorp club with suppliers and sponsors!

The expectations were high and we are certainly not disappointed!

We decided to drive to Franktfurt on Friday and to take a hotel in the neighborhood so that we could go to this great Christmas fair on a fresh and fruity Saturday.

After breakfast we drove directly to the “Messe” where we were in less than half an hour. However, the search for a parking space began and that was a lot harder this time because there is a lot of rebuilding around the fair. Eventually we ended up on a parking deck on top of the hall where we had to be, so it was still okay.

When we entered the immensely large complex once, we were immediately immersed in the right atmosphere where many suppliers and producers had done their best to bring out the Christmas spirit in their stands.

As you can see in the photos, the range was very varied and something for everyone, which in itself is not that crazy about the biggest buying Christmas fair in the world. As we walked towards the suppliers and producers we came for, we gave our eyes a good time to enjoy all that beauty!


First we arrived at the booth of My Village. While enjoying a cup of coffee, we looked our eyes at the stand, where it was constantly busy with visitors.

My Village is going to surprise us this year with a number of new items, which will be announced later in the season.

The collection of background canvases is also being extended with a cloth from a ski slope, which naturally fits perfectly with our Christmas villages and even better with the ski lifts and accessories from Jägerndorfer. In this year we also get expansion in the form of ski lifts and a gondola in a different color.

During the fair, the management of My village also indicated to be happy with the MinidorpClub and promised to take a real cable car from our Facebook followers as soon as we reach over 4000 members! WoW !! what a beautiful action! So make sure you are also a member of VillageWorld-Minidorp-Christmas Village-Christmas Village. The biggest Christmas village club in Europe! and read the conditions for a chance to win this wonderful addition to your village!

After exchanging the necessary information, we went on to the next supplier: Lemax Europe B.V.

Lemax had built a beautiful stand in Vail Village style with hundreds of posters of mountain landscapes hanging in the background. The side and back are very beautifully built with various new articles, supplemented with existing collection to make it a whole. The entire stand could count on a lot of interest. Visitors from all over the world were amazed at the beautiful village!

We, as collectors, are again very spoiled this year with a big expansion in various segments of the collection: there are three new façades, there are some beautiful sights and sounds added including a beautiful carousel and a beautiful Elf made Toy Factory. What we immediately noticed was that the quality of the music in particular has improved a lot, but also the finishing of the new items looks great! So there is a beautiful chandelier in the new Garden Ballroom!

Many new homes come out in the Caddington series; one of which is even better than the other and the Harvest Crossing series is also being expanded with quite a few new houses.

In the Vailvillage series, in addition to a number of new houses, a new caravan will be added, and we can also expect a number of new houses in the Plymouth Corners series. Just like in the last year revived series Sugar ‘n Spice & Santa’s Wonderland. There are also nice additions to be expected there.

Also with the table accents several new items are coming, including a number of surprising and innovative items.

Of course there are new figurines and other accessories. We were really impressed by a number of them! So there are beautiful flower boxes and a beautiful new staircase that can be connected endlessly, you can decide how high you are going.

All in all, we can conclude that we are pleasantly surprised with the beautiful new Lemax collection. That is why we give everyone the advice; just save up!

After visiting Lemax Europe we continued to Peha, the supplier of Dickensville Elfstedenseries. Here, too, there was a beautiful completely new designed stand where a beautiful Christmas atmosphere went out.






Also the new collection was to admire, and we can give you a sneak preview of a few items:

After the visit to Peha we went on to Edelman, the supplier of Luville and Efteling products. The Efteling products were unfortunately not to see because they mainly focus on the Dutch market, but the people of Edelman have confirmed to us that next season six new article numbers will be added.

In addition, there are several nice new items from the series Sledgeholm, among others, of which we can give a sneak preview of some of them:

We also paid a visit to the stand of Würm, the German brand and KeamingK, supplier of Lumineo. Lumineo showed a series of scenes from world cities. O.a London and Paris.

During our round about the fair we made a new discovery of a brand of handmade houses that we could not yet, from Lithuania. It looks like Würm but is just a bit nicer finished and certainly has beautiful items in the collection. More about this, for our new brand, will soon be available on our website at “other brands”. Incidentally, the chances are that we are going to encounter these in the Netherlands, during our conversation showed that they are busy looking for retailers (points of sale).

All in all it was a very tiring but successful day and we have come to the conclusion that we will be offering many beautiful new items for our beloved hobby!



It is actually impossible to make an extensive report about the other Christmas atmosphere of the hundreds of stands that the Christmasworld fair is rich. We have focused on the miniature villages, but here a few impressions of all the beautiful things that have been shown.

For understandable reasons we are requested not to show all new items immediately as long as the purchase fairs are still going on. As soon as we get approval from the suppliers, we will obviously do our best to keep you first informed through the website and our Facebook group. So keep following us!

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