Although Lemax and Dickensville were the most sold in Europe, Department56 was also better available in the Netherlands since 2006. Unfortunately, in 2009 this has come to an end and this brand is no longer sold in Europe.

But there are of course many other brands. For example, artist Thomas Kinkade gave his name to “Kinkade village”, the Englishman David Tate designed the series “Lilliput lane” in 1982, is there still the brand “Heartland valley”, the beautiful French Gault ceramics and since 2006 a new prominent brand, Luville, from Dutch soil!

All these brands are mainly sold through Christmas-related items such as most garden centers during their Christmas shows from mid-October. Building markets and household items often sell B-brands that are often painted less detailed and are smaller than the dimensions of a typical scale: 1/64. This scale ratio is not always the way you might have noticed some houses and certainly the figurines. Especially the ratio of the figurines to the houses surprised most people, and rightly so! Yet consciously chosen. If the houses larger (material) or the figurines become smaller (priegelwerk), the costs are no longer proportional to the product. “If you can put this difference aside, it will also be easier to add something personal that does not fully meet the size.”

IMG_3774Before reckless purchasing, it is wise to make a presentation of what you want. Too often people make the mistake, especially in the sale after Christmas, to buy an x ​​number of items and later to pay attention to what is available and what style / theme they actually want to portray. Unfortunately, not all purchases are well sold, although there is still a lively second-hand market for some Christmas houses. The larger brands carry multiple themes from fantasy line to the Christmas story of Charles Dickens. Of course everyone is free to combine between themes and brands, but it is still good to know what is available, therefore our complete overview of all brands.

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