The Dutch MinidorpClub

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Since 2009 there is … The only real Minidorp Club © for collectors of Christmas and Mini villages! Since then it is possible to join yourself to a club that is all about your hobby. And this club offers you many benefits.

People who register (free from 1 Dec 2014) on this site are called MinidorpClub © members. These members can participate in meetings and benefit from sponsor actions etc. They are kept informed of this by a newsletter and this interactive site. With a button, articles can be shared quickly on social media. New items on the site are directly reported on our Facebook page and twitter, which are linked to the club.

Members can communicate directly with each other and many other fans through our Facebook group. Members have More pages on … Sponsor actions for members, for example, are announced on the club action page.

It therefore pays to subscribe, on the site, the newsletter and our Facebook pages

You can register for free as a member of the MinidorpClub © in the menu on the right.

(By registering yourself on this site you declare that you agree with our rules about copyrights and do nice things etc.)

We look forward to seeing you at one of the following meetings!


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