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Q = I have registered but I do not receive the new password? A = In the sidebar you see the password forgotten option? press this link, enter your user name or e-mail address now and press “create new password?” You will receive a link to log in within seconds! Especially Gmail is experiencing this problem. If this happens, try another account.

Q = I have registered but can not easily remember the password I received. Can I change that? A = Yes, you log in first with your received password. Afterwards you will see a “profile” link in the sidebar where you can change the password yourself!

Q = I have several items on batteries and that is quite difficult to replace every time. Do you know a solution? A = Yes, in the TIPS menu you find the solution. Convert to adapter! And there are dozens of tips to make your village more fun or more convenient.

Q = I want to become a member of the Minidorp Club, but do not find what it costs? A = That’s right … It does not cost anything. You register on this site and you are a member. It can not be simpler and cheaper. As of December 1, 2014, there is no club magazine anymore and all information is freely available to everyone via this site and our social media channels. Once you are registered you will see more pages. For example under menu MinidorpClub. If you subscribe to the newsletter you will not miss anything .. Welcome!

Q = I’m sure I recently read something about snow but I can not find it .. A = If you type a word in the search bar on the side, all articles with that keyword appear. This way you can quickly and easily consult a tip or read an article. Even if it is from a year ago, if still current.

Q: Now that there is a new form of the Minidorp Club, are there still meetings? A = Yes, you will also find an agenda on this site under the “MinidorpClub” menu. As soon as a meeting or something similar is known, it is there.

Q = I have a club card, where do I have a discount? A = Unfortunately, discounts and the like with the club card have expired after we have gone to a free “online” club. Your pass no longer has any value. you do not have to hand it in and no new ones are issued .. If a shopkeeper or webshop has an action, we will report this, for example, with a code on the promotion page. even easier and one for everyone …!

Q = I do not see Club actions but I heard that there was such a page? A = If you register for free on this website, you are automatically a club member and you then have access to more pages. Including the Club actions, agenda, Strips to the tips etc.

Q = I do not have a Facebook or Twitter account and do not want this, do I miss important information? A = Most of the information is of course on this site … However, on Facebook there are thousands of village creeks worldwide that show each other photos and give tips. Nowadays, a Facebook account is so simple and reasonably private to shield that it is actually a shame not to look around.

Q = I signed up for your newsletter, do I also get advertising from sellers and stuff? A = No, mail from third party will not be sent through us. In any case, you do not have to worry that we will follow your mailbox. Information will be shared through the site and social media unless it is something we want to make known quickly.

Q = I recently bought something from you but now I look for the light … A = You are mistaken … Unfortunately we receive such questions more often. The MinidorpClub, Village-World and / or Minidorp.nl are information sources, run by volunteers and do not sell. Our Facebook sales group is asked and offered, just like before at the club days, however, this is completely beyond the responsibility of our organization. It is best to contact the person directly who has acted with you. This money for both second hand and new.

Q = I have another question, can I call / email you? A = You can contact us via the contact form. There you will find some instructions about the way and for which you can contact us. Unfortunately, calling is not possible.