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Contact with Village-World and the MinidorpClub.

If you have questions, suggestions, tips or ideas about this website and / or the MinidorpClub, you can use the contact form below. Someone from the Minidorp team will then respond as soon as possible. To apply for a subscription to the newsletter of the MinidorpClub, use the registration box on the main page.

Do you have a question about a specific product or tip?

First try to find your answer via FAQ in the menu, the search function here on the site (There are at least 4 pages full of tips and comics), the forum or our social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Here are many users with perhaps the solution. If you do not find out, you can still use the contact form below. Please clearly state which item it concerns, preferably with item number and manufacturer. If we do not know the answer to your question, we will pass it on to the supplier / importer if necessary. A compliment on our website we like to see in our guestbook!


The seller is the party with whom you have the agreement. So he is liable for compliance with the agreement. In the event of complaints and / or defects, you must report to them within the warranty period. For questions about warranty you can not use this contact form. Village-world is an independent information source and unfortunately can not mediate in it.

We are not sellers (!)
We also point out that we are not sellers, so unfortunately no (long-sought) items can deliver. For these questions we also ask you not to use this form. We also do not know where some items can still be found when they are no longer available in the store. We have a market corner on Facebook for that.