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Welcome to the most complete website about Christmas and miniature villages. Minidorp.nl was founded in 2006, for and by hobbyists and collectors of Christmas villages and all accessories that belong to it. Here you will find everything about your hobby! Through this website we hope to tell you a bit more about the phenomenon Christmas villages and their history, give you some tips to show your items nicely or to even make a real miniature landscape.

You will find links to the creators of these very detailed miniature houses, such as Lemax, Department56, Luville, piko, Dickensville, My village and many other nice sites. Also on this website you will find pages full of useful tips and tricks that can help you set up your own “collectors village”. Hundreds of photos can be seen in the photo albums and you can visit “virtual” villages all over the world! On the news page you can read the latest news and via the multimedia link you can download the latest catalog. (members only)

Of course, you will also follow us on Twitter from now on, you will meet people with the same hobby via our Facebook group and you will be able to join in on the Kerstdorpen.nl forum. In short, surf around and let yourself be carried away in the wonderful world of the illuminated villages … create your own dream atmosphere with illuminated houses and the many figurines that make the Christmas village complete! Hopefully you will soon experience the proud feeling that many collectors already experience when they take their Christmas village out of the boxes and enjoy their own illuminated miniature town …

This site is also the base of the only real MinidorpClub ©, for collectors of Christmas and Mini villages! It is possible to join yourself to a club that is all about your hobby. And this club offers you many benefits. People who register (free since 1 Dec 2014) on this site are called MinidorpClub © members. These members can participate in meetings and benefit from sponsor actions e.d.

Once registered and logged in you will see more pages, submenus and options on the website.

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