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Caddington Village

caddingtonCaddington village, City from the late 1890’s Victorian era filled with elegance by Charles Dickens, The favorite theme of Lemax collectors worldwide. coaches, Christmas carolers and children who play are a few of the items that add a sense of joy and happiness to quaint victorian scenes. Beautiful cathedrals, quaint shops and glittering houses are part of this popular collection. Ladies in hoop skirts and men in costume, but also the vagrants in their old robes .. Street vendors and dog wagons .. There are already more than 100 items in the Caddington village collection already retired including the Bed and Breakfast, the fire station of Powell Street and the Chadwell chapel. But luckily new ones are added every year. From small romantic cottages to complete chocolate factories.

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Plymouth Corners

plymouthThe quaint village called Plymouth Corners is a fishing village in New England. People are friendly here, enjoy their ice cream from the Ice Cream Parlor on the quay or use the captain’s dinner in the Rusty Pelican Restaurant. Together with the many nautically inspired buildings this collection, with very detailed ships and lighthouses from the second half of the 19th century, is the series for everyone who loves the sea and shipping. Make a cozy quay around your harbor. Let the tough sailors wander through the alleyways and put on a small romantic beach .. In Plymouth corners it all belongs.

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Harvest Crossing



The beautiful autumn landscape surrounds the agricultural population of Harvest Crossing. The farmers harvest their land and the children bring prize-winning pigs to the market. This collection has an abundance of rural items. Tractors, covered wagons and farm animals. The buildings of the American farmers’ life form a comfortable home base in the village where everyone is a nice neighbor ..

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Spooky Town

spooky Spooky town based on Halloween. With this large collection of spirits, zombies and haunted houses you can create a village full of fear and joy. Children who dressed up, begging for sweets along the houses while the graves open in the cemetery. Pirates from bygone times are fighting their battle again with mummies from ancient Egypt in the background. With the skull shaped lanterns and purple colored spots you create a scene that will make you laugh.

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Vail Village

vailthe Vail village collection represents life in a modern, trendy ski resort with Austrian / Canadian influences. Outdoor living in the fresh mountain air, with an active lifestyle amidst natural splendor. Many chalets, snowed in the mountains, shops, hotels, spas and restaurants make this the most winter village. The figures consist of happy skiers, sleds and children. There are of course bears, wolves and other wildlife from the wild to add to your village scene.

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Santa’s Wonderland

logo_santas_wonderland-1Santa’s wonderland with the imaginative view of Santa’s North Pole and his cheerful elves. This Lemax collection includes many fun and humorous pieces. Santa and his elves are busy making toys while the children play at Santa’s Swing and the friendly penguins are marshmallows toasting on a campfire. This colorful series takes place entirely in a fantasy world and is especially popular with children.

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Carnivalthe cheerful Carnival! A fun collection of Funfair animation that will especially evoke joyful childhood memories when the organ plays to invite you to enter the carnival grounds as Fairground visitors. The carnival collection contains many classic attractions such as the Belmont Carousel, The Starburst and CrazyCars. While the children visit the petting zoo and enjoy horse riding, other village residents watch the clowns and jugglers at the party grounds. Most items from the carnival collection are animated and have their own adapter for their power supply. However, there are also table pieces to complete your fair.

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Suger N’ Spice

logo_sugar_n_spiceSuger N ‘Spice are cheerful houses based on an American cookie “gingerbread” and all items have an appearance of sweets. Buildings made of cookies, cakes and sweets look good enough to eat. Most of the figures are gingerbread people, streets are inlaid with pickles and lanterns are candy canes. The suger N ‘Spice collection was no longer made since 2007 and seems to be revived ten years later in 2017 with an introduction to the ChristmasWorld fair.

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Juke Box Junction

Jukebox_Junction_Logo_SquareJuke Box Junction takes you back to the swinging sixties. From the five and dime stores, Big cool cars and milkshakes to the rock & roll grease youngsters. All figurines and houses are cheerful, playful, and radiate with pleasure. Put up a good old Christmas plate from Elvis and swing on it! With these items you bring dance and swing in your village. Of course you can simply combine this small theme with other houses … in the slightly more modern style as the Charles Dickens era. But .. Christmas is always!

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General Products

Lemax also has a large line of accessories and table pieces, including carriages, boats and cars. The collection also includes landscape elements, trees, telephone poles and fences. Actually just everything to organize your Christmas Village completely to your wishes.

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Lemax Memory makers collection

Lemax inc. had introduced in 1997 a new line of collectible figures and accessories called ‘Memory Makers ©’. The Memory Makers Collection contain very detailed figures, each of which records a ‘moment in time’. Each scene has one to four figures, and was about 12 to 17 cm high. Proposed retail prices ranged from $ 6.99 to $ 24.99. (dollars) The figurines of the Memory Makers were cast in hand-carved molds. polyresin, which was then painted by hand. This process and material, together with the size of the figures, enabled the Lemax artists to create sharp details, from facial functions to coat buttons. In addition to the figures, the Lemax Memory Makers Collection include accessories such as trees, park benches and, for example, telephone booths. Lemax has made scenes from different eras in all four seasons – winter, spring, summer and fall – so that items from the Memory Makers Collection could be displayed at any time of the year.

Unfortunately, this larger (in the most unknown) series never caught on and it was limited to 1997. In the Netherlands, this series for some time was for sale at, among others, Gardencentre Jongerius in Utrecht and Gardencentre Osdorp, because the owner had bought a remainder in Hong Kong , under the name “Outside Lemax”. incl. a single “Big” houses … Nice for the balcony.