In an increasing number of garden centers, you will see items emerging for Halloween in the beginning of October. Not only pumpkins but also houses and accompanying figurines. A tradition that has come over from America, but originally from the Celts.videovideo

In the past, the Celts celebrated the end of the Celtic year and the start of a new year on October 31st. This evening they called ‘Eve of All Saints’. On November 1 followed the end of the summer. During ‘Eve of All Saints’, the souls of all people who had died in the past year would have access to the land of the dead. This evening was also called ‘Hallow Even’. They were dressed as scary or shabby as possible on 31 October to deter the souls of the deceased, because they were afraid that they would otherwise take possession of the living. On the same date as Halloween, ‘Allerzielen’ and ‘All Saints’ are celebrated in the Netherlands. This is also a celebration that pays attention to all people who have died.
The illuminated pumpkin that seems to be connected to Halloween is derived from the Irish. There would have been one Jack who deceived everyone and thus also locked the devil in a tree. By quickly carving a cross in the tree, the devil was caught. He promised to release the devil if he would never bother him again. When Jack died, was
him refused entry to heaven and hell. The devil gave Jack only a glowing coal in the darkness. To make this piece of wood burn longer, Jack put it in a hollowed-out turnip. The Americans found a pumpkin more beautiful, the pumpkin has become part of Halloween and this hollowed pumpkin is actually called Jack ó Lantern.
Especially in America, the origins of the story have gone to the background and the Halloween party is now more about creepy stories and fancy dress parties. Also in Europe, these parties are becoming increasingly popular and more people around the end of October decorate their house with pumpkins and scary attributes.


Department 56 introduced in 1998 their first Halloween item in the “original snow village” collection, a house named hounted mansion. When it turned out that the Halloween series started with the general public, the line was continued and there is now a large group of collectors of Halloween villages.

Lemax soon followed with their Spooky town as an answer or addition to the Halloween. Meanwhile, Lemax Spooky town has been expanded with a pirate theme and mummies from ancient Egypt and the collection is growing with more moving items than in previous years.