Catalog and books


Almost all companies publish an annual catalog with an overview of the currently available collection. Not all collector pieces always remain in the collection. When these houses go “retirement” they often become more valuable and that is for many collectors a reason to save these “retired” items.

The catalog for Europe may differ from that in the US, because the entire collection is not the same, for example because Lemax markets exclusive items for a number of stores in the USA. These stores also have their own guide / flyer.

Dickensville publishes a catalog of their eleven city series every year, but since 2007 Lemax has replaced the catalog for European consumers with a flyer with the latest collections and Luville stopped distributing their catalog for consumers in 2011. The funny thing is that people who had an annual catalog up to those dates are now prepared to pay reasonably for shopping guides …


About Department 56 is the most widely published, from 3 monthly magazine (“D56 quarterly”) to complete books. Until 2006, a collectors book was published annually in America, the so-called “green book” in which the entire collection of D56 was included, from 1976 to the year of publishing. For each item, a kind of market value was kept for second-hand items and a short description such as the year of publication and the year of “pension”. Many collectors used these books as a guide for determining the value of their pieces.



The US magazine “village D-lite” has now also made a worthy successor to the greenbook as a successor to the quarterly, and since June ’08 has been bringing the “Village D-tails”. Unfortunately only available in English and scarce in Europe. All items issued by Department 56 are listed herein, including original price and estimated current 2nd hand value.




In the Netherlands / Belgium there was the Minidorp Chronicle from March 2010 to Dec 2014. an informative magazine from the MinidorpClub about all brands and many construction tips. At the transition to this website 2.0 it was decided to stop with the printed magazine after 26 issues because the edition remained a bit stuck around 250 copies. (example of a club magazine you see here ..). Since then our Facebook group and this website is the largest source of information about Christmas villages. The blades are still very popular and once in a while there are copies on the second hand market.



513YnFQxBGLIn Canada and America, regular reference books are also published under the name village Display tips. Writer Leigh Gieringer has already published more than 6 books and about 5 DVDs. In 2013/14 two books appeared on small displays. Here also photos of a few Dutch builders were used. (among others the founder of Minidorp is in it with beautiful pictures)





The Village Display Tips books contain the following books: Village Display Tips, Village Display Tips: Volume II, More Village Display tips, Display Building on Budget, Realistic Village vignettes and Stylistic Village vignettes. These books offer many ideas and techniques to create amazing mega-village displays or small vignettes. Together with the five DVDs these sources increase the pleasure of developing village scenes for all seasons. The village hobby started with building Christmas decorations, but the possibilities extend to improving spring, summer, autumn and Halloween shows that are all extremely popular. Leigh also provides a contributing as editor for Village D-Lights Magazines.


In 2013, two Dutch Christmas village builders were invited to make a mega Christmas village in a distant country. One of them has published his story in 2017 in book form with the necessary color photographs. On 70 colorful pages a special story is described of two men who are allowed to build a Christmas village at the invitation of a prince in one of his hotels almost 5000 km away.

Three cable cars, two trains, a waterfall … 35m2 christmas village …. and everything within 40 hours! the first edition of only 50 books was sold out quickly and that is why a second edition was made.



On the Multimedia page of this site you can download the latest catalog as soon as and as long as they are available.


There is someone who literally uses his books for his “village” ….

Guy Laramée is a versatile artist. In his own words Laramee is inspired by the “erosion of cultures”

He writes: I cut landscapes from books. Mountains of unused knowledge return to what they really are: mountains. Although his work has already been shown in museums and galleries, his exhibitions in galleries are relatively new (2004). However, at the end of 2011 he will be able to write 15 solo and 20 joint exhibitions to his name, half of which will be abroad.