The Christmas village A to Z

What do they call it? What do they mean by that? What is a façade? Yes, “in” the Christmas and Mini villages you come across a lot of words that might be useful for some people. Here we will try to explain them as much as possible (this list is under construction and will therefore be supplemented.)

Adapter = A device that converts the mains voltage to a lower voltage, for example for charging your mobile phone or connecting a Christmas village item is usually called an adapter.

Dress up = Decorate your village with dolls, trees and the like. Make it a bit “fuller”.

Snooping = Everything placed? then it’s time for snow as a final touch!

Background = If your village is against the wall you can finish it off by putting a background behind it. (see tips)

Animated = An item for your village which is not a house but contains movement and / or lighting. A revolving ski school for example. Animation.

Action = An inexpensive store chain where many village builders get material at low prices, think of silicone, but also small Christmas trees and even village items such as market stalls

Acrylic paint = is a fast-drying paint that consists of a coloring pigment with a plastic binder. This paint is suitable for polystyrene and the like because it contains no solvent.

Basis = Once we have determined the place we can start building the foundation. So the chassis where the village comes up. Cabinet or table, with styrofoam or wood etc.

Pavement = Laying streets between the houses. Wide streets, small alleys and here and there a small square make the whole lively. The streets connect the village as a whole.

Bulb = A bulb is American for the light that you put in your house.

Baking Soda = A good thing you can buy at the Toko, kind of cleaning salt but ideal as imitation snow.

Battery box = The box that your item is to put batteries in, sometimes you can also plug an adapter to your item to power.

Brand = Yes, of course hot and dangerous but also the English word for “Brand”, for Ebay buyers and international Facebookers handy.

Trees = Available in many species, pine trees, Birch trees, bare trees and completely illuminated Christmas trees. You can not have enough of it to dress up your village. Trees give a full natural look to a winter landscape.

Bouwmarkt = The address for MDF sheets, paint and polystyrene foam. Tools and much more material that a village builder might need. Think of the Praxis, Karwei, Hornbach and Gamma ..

Christmas = English for Christmas, Christmas

Christmas in the City = A theme or series of the brand Department 56, based on Christmas in the city.

Christmas carol = The original story of Charles Dickens about the Scrooge Scrooge

Christmas carolers = People singing with Christmas songs at the church, on a square or along the door. Every brand has these figurines in their collection.

DAL = Department 56 has designed the DAL lighting, these “display anywhere lightning” houses can be placed anywhere by means of a battery, so cordlessly

Pine trees = coniferous trees. suitable for the Christmas village, winter landscape. available per piece and in bags of +/- 21 pieces.

Decorating = Finishing the village with moss, stones and shrubs for example ..

Dickensville = The brand of supplier PeHa. Consisting of the series Dickensville Classics and the Dutch series Dickensville Elfsteden.

Dickensvillage = A theme or series of the brand Department 56, based on Christmas from the Victorian era.

Department 56 = The first brand of Christmas houses. they have been putting porcelain houses on the market since 1976. (USA)

Dremel = a handy tool to make fine grinding and sawing. For example, you remove the pedestals under the figurines (look at tips)

Façade = French for “face”. In other words, only the facade of a building. In this case, the flat houses of various brands, without back and often with fiber optic lighting.

Figurines = The characters, the inhabitants of the village or the dolls that are also called figurines. You know them …

Fyber optic = Fiber optic lighting, also known under the names Fiber Optics (and Fiber Optics) The advantage that a lot of light points can be made with just one light source. In contrast to conventional lighting, where an electrical connection is required for each light point, the light of 1 light is transported by many glass or plastic fibers. In the Christmas houses you often see this as many small lights in various colors. Façade houses often have them in the façade and so-called B brands decorate their entire items with them.

Grit paper = This paper is usually fairly cheap on roll available at the garden centers around Christmas and has a print in the colors of rocks. (see tips)

Importer = The person who brings the brand or items to the Netherlands or the brand here in the Netherlands. Also called the supplier or owner. Please note, not every importer is the owner of the brand and not every supplier is also importer .. yes it can be more complicated ..

Making Christmas village = yes, should we explain this yet? It starts with the purchase of a house and afterwards you will learn on this site how you can make a Christmas village 😉

Supplier = A supplier delivers goods or services in exchange for money. The shop where you bought your items is your supplier and the wholesaler / importer who delivered the houses to the store is their supplier. But we also call the brand our supplier because even though it is through another store, you bought that brand .. (hum ..)

Porcelain = The material of which most houses are made. See Info.

Polyresin = An imitation porcelain, synthetic resin that makes most of the figurines. See info

Polystone = other name / composition for Polyresin.

Pu = Are insulation sheets of polyurethane foam. These are used as a foundation or in the form of a village. Extremely startled for creating a mountain or cave.

Silicone kit = A kit that can also be obtained in a transparent version, cheap at the action and extremely suitable for simulating water.

Table Piece = An item that is totally unlit or has something moving but is not a loose puppet. It can contain dolls.



Volt = You have different items that work on a number of volts. 3 volts (2 AA batteries), 4.5 volts (3 AA batteries) or 9 and 12 volts that are required for the mills.


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