Is a brand that until 2009 did not really focus on a theme, in fact the Dickensville houses were massively made in the Noma factories and there, contrary to the aforementioned brands, selected by the buyers. The houses of Noma were often copies of the others but cheaper, although in recent years they were not much more in terms of details for their great examples. With the Noma factory, the appointment is possible as an importer to have its own packaging for the houses. For example, importer PeHa has “Dickensville by PeHa” exclusively for Europe, but there are for example houses from the same factories under the name Dickens Keepsake, Intratuin X-mass and Charlesville on the market.

Dickensville Collectables

Dickensville Collectables is Peha’s own brand and mainly focuses on the middle segment of the Christmas Village market.

The Dickensville classic range consists of a wide selection of illuminated miniature houses. Varying from churches to cozy houses with a nice viewing scene.



Dickensville Elfsteden

Dickensville Elfsteden series

In 2010, however, there was a change going on and the PeHa company in Sneek decided to develop its own line under the Dickensville label.

A series that no longer qualifies for the biggest competitors, based on the eleven cities tour; Dickensville Eleven Cities Series ©. A beautiful series consisting of porcelain houses (with lighting) and plastic accessories from the Frisian eleven cities or that have to do with the tour of the tours: ‘The Frisian Elfstedentocht’. All cottages are based on existing houses and buildings from the eleven Frisian cities. The big church, the town hall from Bolsward, the Planetarium, the Watertower or the Oldehove? They are all available in miniature.

For years, Christmas has been making beautiful Christmas villages, with houses and accessories. The advantage of the Elfstedenserie is that this series can last all year, because Dickensville_Slotenyou can work on your own Elfsteden route or city year round and can dress it with snow and summer in the winter with grass or moss. Because of the success of this Dickensville Elfstedenserie 2010, which consisted of 17 porcelain houses and 27 accessories, this series has been expanded annually with many new Elfstedenhuisjes and there are no less than more than 100 beautiful Dickensville accessories.

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The product

Just like the other big brands, the cottages of Dickensville are made of porcelain and the figurines of polystone. Many houses have a glimpse (scene inside). The houses are all equipped with a lamp with plug with a recess to neatly remove the cord. Some buildings such as the Sneker Waterpoort even has 2 lights, so that both towers are well lit. The entrance for the lights is at the bottom so that the building can also be seen all around. There are also many accessories with the theme: such as the famous Elfsteden statue or the famous bridge of Bartlehiem and of course the cake and zopie can not be missed. In the Eleven Cities series you can also recognize real buildings from beautiful Friesland. The designers from sneek are inspired by existing buildings along the Elfsteden route and adapt them slightly so that the production is facilitated to actually implement them. In Hong Kong, the first models are then made and communication takes place over and over again until the final result is ready for production. Buyers can then choose their collection at various exhibitions and in the showroom in Sneek until March, after which they will receive their trade in September, well in time for the Christmas shows.

Dickensville lighting

From 2013, the lighting of Dickensville has been renewed. All new houses are equipped with LED lighting as standard. This is an LED lighting cord with a battery box. You can place your house anywhere, because there is no power point in the area. Your house ‘fire’ on a battery instead of a lighting cord with light bulb and plug, which is part of the old series of houses (2010/2011 and 2012)
This new LED lighting cable can be disconnected from the supplied battery box and can be connected to a separate plug (order number NM10016) or to the Splitter system (order number NM10026). If you have more houses or will purchase the splitter is the ideal solution. Here you can connect 8 houses and you only have one plug in the socket.


About PeHa B.V.

Peha was originally established as a trading company in 1918 with all kinds of different (household) articles. Since the 1980s, the company specializes in importing and exporting a wide range (> 10,000 items) of distinctive Christmas decorations, collectibles and gifts.

With nearly 100 years of experience in the trade, Peha is a reliable partner to work with and the supplier to provide Christmas collections with a “Magic” touch! Peha is Europe’s largest supplier of artificial snow in the well-known blue bags.

In 2006 PeHa succeeded in obtaining importership for the villages of Department 56 and so they were also available in Europe. Because the market share for Europe was not very large, this was not entirely without problems. For example, the production had to be adjusted quite a bit because of the use of 230 volts instead of the standard American 110 volts.

As a result of the global crisis, Lenox Group Inc. (when the owner of D56) filed a petition for bankruptcy in 2009 and Enesco B.V. bought department 56. This acquisition unfortunately also meant the early end of the importership of PeHa.

PeHa © and the MinidorpClub

For many years Peha (Dickensville) has been one of the main sponsors of the Minidorp Club. In addition to their support and “give-a-way” prizes for lotteries, employees open their doors once a year exclusively to a handful of members of the club (see our club agenda). On such an open day we may take a look at the showroom in Sneek, which otherwise will only be open to the retail trade.

Peha is also always open to input and ideas from the end user and that is why since 2015 they have been writing an ideas competition specifically for the mini club. For example, the idea of Jan Kol jr was taken into production in 2017 and he was surprised at his Christmas world in Frankfurt with his idea, the Frisian belfry.

Peha annually publishes a catalog with all Elfsteden items that are available.