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* Dickensville Classic

6174840_1_lA large collection of houses and relatives without a clear line. Many houses are in the style of Dickens, but there may also be a modern building between them. years ago there were also items that were significantly smaller. Many items clearly have influences from Lemax and Department 56, not to mention copies. It is a reasonably affordable segment but all value for money. As more and more unbranded houses from Hong Kong appear, fewer items come out under this “classic” label.


* The Elfsteden series

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Exactly one hundred years after the founding of the Frisian Eleven Cities Association, the idea has been added PEHA in origin to complement the famous miniature cottage line “Dickensville” with the Elfsteden series ©. A complete series of miniature houses and skaters reflecting the tour of the tours. The figures, accessories and houses are all based on truth, but here and there adapted it makes it possible to take the tour of the tours every year!



The new unique series of illuminated Frisian Dickensville houses and Dickensville figures and accessories is based on the trip of the tours; The Elfstedentocht, a skating tour in the province of Friesland of almost 200 kilometers long.

IT GIET OAN …. As soon as the frost starts, the heating goes high and a small layer of ice starts outside the ditches, ice skating fever comes to mind with skating enthusiasts! Not only in Friesland, but throughout the Netherlands, the skating enthusiasts are under the spell of the Elfstedentocht during these cold winter months, “Giet it oan? Or not …

Leeuwarden, Sneek, IJIst, Sloten, Stavoren, Hindelopen, Workum, Bolsward, Harlingen, Franeker, DokkumRoutekaart-Elfstedentocht-Minicamping_en_Vakantiewoning_Sneek_Friesland

These are the eleven cities where the journey of almost 200 km over natural ice is driven in all kinds of weather. And that whole piece in one day! What started on its own initiative in the long cold winter of 1890- 1891 has become a true phenomenon. Willem (Pim) Mulier who also participated in this first trip is the one who came up with the idea of ​​an “organized” Elfstedentocht. In 1909 the time had come and the Friesche IJsbond wrote for the first time an Elfsteden contest.

Since then, a total of 15 Elfstedentocht ridden and it was in 1997 the last time that the skaters have been able to ride the Elfstedentocht. Every year it remains exciting whether the winter is severe and cold enough to grow good quality ice throughout the route. That this rarely occurs is apparent from the number of times the trip has been driven.

*Dickensville Frosty village©

A new collection since 2015. Nice chic Dickensville items in white / silver with rotating elements. As if everything was frozen in the city, these items were completely executed in a “frozen” look.

*Dickensville Puzzles and games

Give a nice gift with for example these 1,000 pieces of jigsaw puzzle or challenge yourself and enjoy. Make the picture with a historic village view of an Elfsteden town Made in Holland so of excellent quality. A unique collection of games and puzzles about the pride and beauty of Friesland. Based on the beautiful scenes that can be made with the houses, figures and accessories of the Dickensville Eleven Cities Series! Just a moment of quality for yourself and a great puzzle or a game with family and / or friends. Enjoy the Dickensville Eleven Cities Series in this way too! Small puzzles are available in original milk carton packaging and the larger puzzles and games are packed in sturdy quality packaging. Available from 2017.

*the Elfsteden series savings campaign PeHa©  

There is also a great savings campaign with the Elfsteden series that allows you to get free Dickensville cottages. At each cottage you will find 2 elfstedenkruisjes. With the larger accessories is 1 elfstedenkruisje. When you have saved 11 eleven crosses in total, you can put them on the special savings card (stamp card), follow the instructions on the savings card and receive your free house.

Read the conditions below and print the special stamp card. ( Dutch )

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