“Welcome to a miraculous miniature world of Luville, the richly detailed houses, figures and accessories are enchanting to look at, and addictive to building and expanding every year – whether it’s a single house, a street or a small village, these miniatures provide great enjoyment. Exclusively designed for Edelman and made with care and love from porcelain. There are three villages available, lots of houses and figures, collectibles such as snowballs and music boxes and nice starter kits. the beautiful packaging is Luville already a feast for the eyes. ” according to Edelman B.V.

Luville is an exclusive brand of Edelman B.V. from Reeuwijk (NL), the products are of high quality, are designed by Edelman himself and they are responsible for the production. For the design of the Luville house style and packaging they seem to use the same advertising videoagency as the Efteling. With every year new extensions to choose from, it is difficult not to get addicted to the decorative authentic European miniature villages with the detailed realistic houses and figures of Luville Collectables they report to Edelman.

The name Luville is a combination of 2 words namely the Latin “Lumen” (which means “Light”) and the French “Ville” (city). If you translate this freely, it means “illuminated town”.

Edelman B.V. from Reeuwijk was the importer for Lemax since 1998. In 2006 they stopped using Lemax because lemax opened its own office in Europe and released their own brand Luville. A line of houses with a personal story. Thus each house has its inhabitants and they expand more and more, just like in the real world. Because this brand is originally from Dutch soil, they introduced in 2007 a complete Dutch series Molendam, including canal houses, Zaans house and wooden shoe dancers.

Luville is a collection with a European appearance. Which until 2010 consisted of five stories; Bridbury, a nostalgic village dating back to the 1850s with many Victorian influences. Chareauville sur Mer, a French fishing village from 1900. Schneewald, an Austrian / German village dating back to the 1950s with winter sports as its central theme and Ville de Reidy, a rural village inspired by Alsace around the period of 1950. And since 2007 Molendam , a unique Dutch story from the period around 1950, complete with canal houses and barrel organs.

The product

Luville can be divided into three parts, the Originals (The villages Schneewald, Molendam and Ville de Reidy in the well-known brown packaging), the collectors (musical boxes and the water globes in blue packaging) and the Specials (the smaller complete pieces with animations, whole villages in one piece, these are cheaper complete pieces and the design and production is outsourced but with the quality of Luville, in the red packaging).

The Originals are conceived, drawn and developed in Reeuwijk by their own subjecters. So they have stepped into the car to make various photos of houses and environments in the Netherlands for new items. To southern Germany for Schneewald and to Alsace in France and Luxembourg. Here drawings are made and worked out where all sides of the houses and sceneries stand up. These drawings go to the manufacturer, they are going to make an item of it, these are first colorlessly inspected by the designers of Edelman. After approval and sometimes some adjustments have been made to it, they are made color and then checked by the designers for the second time. Before they can go into production

All porcelain houses and polystone figures are made by hand, with an unprecedented eye for detail. There are many accessories to choose from, including landscape elements, street material, lanterns and trees, with which you can build a cozy little world. Whether you want to build a small street or an entire village, Luville always has beautiful scenes with an original and creative touch. With the villages of Luville you imagine yourself in the old Europe!

From 2011, Luville focuses entirely on three themes. The typical French mountain community Ville de Reidy, ski resort Schneewald and the beautiful traditional Dutch village of Molendam.

The themes Bridbury and Chareauville sur Mer have not been continued since 2012.

In 2009 Edelman introduced a separate series entirely in the style of the Efteling through the Intratuin stores. An amusement park in the Netherlands based on the authentic fairy tale style of Antoon pieck. This line now consists of enough houses and figures to experience a nice village. Combined with the Luville accessories, such as trees and lanterns, this year can be completed.

Look for the themes of Luville in the sub-menu.

Additional information about Luville:

Since the start in 2006 to 2010, Luville had its own website as a brand. An atmospheric world with many active parts. If you moved your mouse over part of the map, the different series came out in color. Unfortunately, later for obvious reasons, it was decided to include Luville as part of the general website of Edelman B.V. Still, we have some screenshots to show .. Also the promotional film above was part of the beautiful website. Do you remember?

Schermafbeelding 2012-12-30 om 16.15.23wtmk    Schermafbeelding 2012-12-30 om 16.16.51

Schermafbeelding 2012-12-30 om 16.17.38    Schermafbeelding 2012-12-30 om 16.16.28wtmk

Edelman B.V has for many years been an important international market player in the field of atmospheric products for all seasons. They pay a lot of attention to the development of unique and recognizable collections. Edelman has a large assortment of Christmas items, such as the lighting of Luca lighting, the Christmas trees of Triumph Tree & Black Box Trees, the Christmas decorations of House of Seasons and of course the miniature world of Luville. In addition, Edelman offers an extensive range of artificial flowers, plants and trees from Mica Decorations and home deco products from Casa Vivante & Mica Decorations. Edelman has 180 employees and has offices in Reeuwijk, South Holland and Hong Kong, and warehouses in Montfoort and Dinxperlo.

Edelman and the Minidorpclub

Until 2014, Edelman and their Luville were in particular one of the main sponsors of our club. On invitation, a number of members were allowed to take a look behind the scenes in Reeuwijk every year. The first open day was in 2007. In addition to our club, Luville had its own fan club, the Luville Club. The people who register via the Luville website also had the chance to win an invitation. Unfortunately, these open days have gone down to their own success because it could not be done anymore with sometimes more than 80 fans in the showroom. Until 2014, Luville also published a catalog that was also available to the consumer. Due to too high costs, it was unfortunately decided to distribute only guides among the suppliers.