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Ville de Reidy

villedereidyDeep in their collars, the residents of Ville de Reidy walk to the church through the crackling snow. Pastor Hanz Herbolz will dedicate the night mass there. Despite the cold, the nighttime mass and the conviviality give the residents of Ville de Reidy a cozy warm feeling. The big farmer families Forbach and Solange are in the front row of the church. When they walk back home they smell the delicious smell of freshly baked baguette from the open window of Clement Felbach’s bakery. Tonight after the Mass this is eaten in every house in the village.




The Luville village of Schneewald is a typical Austrian village located in the mountains, surrounded by falling snow, ski lifts and typical mountain huts. In this typical winter sports theme dozens of figures take part: from skiing down the hills to throwing snowballs at each other.

Not only the villagers in their thick coats, but also the dozens of skiers have abandoned the après-ski for an evening in favor of the Christmas mass.

Thick snowflakes fall on the deserted slopes and the ski lifts swing in the wind. The stories will be told tomorrow in one of the cafe / restaurants. The Schneewald stories, which give the residents their own place in history and leave traces in the snow in the footsteps of generations before them.



images-1Molendam is a typical Dutch village that appeals to your imagination with its windmills and canal houses. There is skating on the frozen canals, children play in the snow, and at the cake and zopie tent one can go for a delicious snack, while organs play familiar (Christmas) tunes. Molendam is a cozy village where the typical Dutch atmosphere clearly to taste.


Chareauville sur Mer

ob_0968e4_chareauvilleThe village on the edge of the sea in the middle of the twentieth century. It is typically a French fishing village where boats moor and trade in the port flourishes.





Is a village in the English style of the mid-nineteenth century in the period known as “Victorian” The characters are dressed in dresses and coats from that time.





“The themes Bridbury and Chareauville sur Mer are after
2010 did not continue. “


logoOnce upon a time …. The most beautiful fairytale village. In your own environment you can now realize your world of ownership with the miniature houses and miniature figures of the Efteling. Children will marvel at seeing this fairytale line that brings all fantasies to reality. From the


house of Vrouw Holle or the castle of Sleeping Beauty to the figures Hansel and Gretel, little donkey stretch, red cap and various accessories such as lanterns and bridges and the typical signpost of the Efteling. In the first year sold exclusively by Intratuin and afterwards in many locations including at the Efteling itself.


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The Luville Express since 1875.

Luville express logo_medium

This beautiful new collection has the theme of traveling by train and everything related to it. Traveling is one
theme that fits perfectly in everyone’s Christmas village, so for many village lovers this is a welcome addition to the (Christmas) village. There will be a train station in the collection that is equipped with light, sound n also from a number of moving items. It is striking that this new series is equipped with a good number of figurines warm you can make your village complete. there is Kissing goodbye, Newspaper Street Hawker, Boxes and Little Station Bench. There are also a number of sceneries that fit this theme such as the Luggage Cart, a Coffee and Sweet Cart and a nicely illuminated Ticket kiosk.



In 2017 they introduced a new village at Luville at the Christmas World fair, SledgeHølm. A theme village based on Scandinavian winters, living in the woods between the reindeer and spending the night in warm tents. There is a teepee tent, a church and there are various figures such as bears and people at campfires.


Specials and Collectables

In addition to the regular “Originals” series as described above, Edelman also supplies other Christmas articles under the name “specials” and “Collectables” such as snow globes and musical boxes under the name Luville. These come in blue or red boxes. More info about this can be found on the luville main page.