Collection Department 56

Whoever wants to save Department 56 in Europe is unfortunately often dependent on online purchases. Then it is important to take into account that D56 does not always work with one and the same size (!) Snow Village is a step bigger than average, Seasons Bay is a step smaller and its accents also a separate story! Also many known items are released as “Ornament” .. then the title of the house is the same but the size is equal to a Christmas bauble! Below are short introductions of a number of series.

The Original Snow Village



The Original Snow Village is typically American, hence the term ‘original’. It is inspired by the typical small American towns / cities, which you still encounter throughout America. They are characterized by a straight main street (mainstreet) that runs through the town and are called the Mainstreet City’s. These mainstreet city’s arose at the time of colonization when large groups of people, mainly coming from England, France, Ireland, the Netherlands and Spain, started to roam, in the newly discovered country, looking for a piece of land to get around. settle down. That is why this mainstreet city’s only consisted of ‘one’ street, with shops on both sides, the pub, the doctor, the dentist, etc. Around these mainstreets the typical American municipalities formed. Think, for example, at Peyton Place, or a series such as The Desperate Housewifes and the places where these take place, they are still very close-knit communities with their own traditions, values ​​and norms and thus lie at the basis of the origins of America itself.

Snow Village (also the Halloween series) is of shiny Ceramics unlike all other village lines. The scale is also slightly larger than the rest. An excellent series to save separately.


Snow Village Halloween 


Celebrate Halloween with this creepy Snow Village Halloween Collection. These houses and figures turn your village into an enervating creepy neighborhood in no time. The collection includes ghosts, witches, scary fairground attractions and Halloween houses, which are decorated with pumpkins. Enough to turn your village into a real Halloween village in no time.


New England Village Series



The New England Village Series is inspired by New England, but has nothing to do with present-day England, something many people think. New England (Dutch: New England) is a name for the states in the northeastern United States. This includes the following states:

New Hampshire
Rhode Island
The name has been in use since the beginning of colonial times, as early as 1616 it was described under this name. The area was colonized by a strict faith group from England, called the Puritans, who had set themselves the goal of building a new Jerusalem and expanding their faith. In England the Puritans were heavily persecuted in those days and by moving to the new world, they could escape their persecution in England. Boston is considered the unofficial capital of New England.

New England is probably the best-defined region of the United States, with more common culture and history than any other region of the United States. The rich history and culture appeal to the imagination, it is as it is shown in films and books. Wooded hills, lakes, small villages with white churches, picturesque fishing villages, the Green Mountains of Vermont, overwhelmingly beautiful, and not to mention Salem MA which is known worldwide for its “Witchcraft” where the biggest witch trials have taken place throughout history . And in Pennsylvania Dutch Country, where a large part of the population belongs to the Amish. This strictly religious group still lives according to the norms and values ​​of about two hundred years ago and is a real attraction. Regularly you see a cart ride with some Amish in traditional costume. In the series you will find various coaches and figurines from the Amish. In short, New England really appeals to the imagination and has thus been a perfect source of inspiration for the eponymous series by Dept.56.


The Dickens’ Village Serie



The architecture, clothing and especially the history of Victorian England, has been the great inspiration for the Dickens’ Village Series. That one has opted for the name Dickens is of course not that strange. Charles John Huffham Dickens (February 7, 1812 – June 9, 1870). one of the most important British writers of the Victorian era and enjoys to this day a big ‘name’ reputation through the many unforgettable books he has written. Victorian is an indication of an era, namely the reign of the English Queen Victoria (1837 to 1901) and for a large number of objects, styles, fashions, mores and beliefs that were prevalent in Great Britain at that time.

Under Queen Victoria, England was the leading nation in the world and the United Kingdom was a world empire. How people in Great Britain thought about things was considered to be of great importance to virtually the entire world. In the Victorian times people were very prudish. It is not for nothing that the Victorian era is known as ‘the century of chastity’. Victorian times were also the period of colonialism, imperialism, and social inequality. The currents of romance, communism and anarchism (= no state authority) arose during this period. In the Dept.56 Dickens Village series you will find the whole atmosphere of the Victorian era, perfectly reflected, both decadent wealth, poverty, romance, as well as the new movements in art and poetry. In principle, the series is a representation of a very important piece of history.


Dickens’ A Christmas Carol


prodlogo_DVCDickens’A Christmas Carol is a series of Dept.56 which is inspired by one of the most famous books by Dickens with the title “A Christmas Carol”. It is the Christmas story of the evil Scrooge who comes to repentance through the visit of, among others, Marley, his old companion and a number of spirits. In this series you will find all figures and houses from the book by Charles Dickens, such as Tiny Tim, Bob Cratchit, Belle’s house etc. In short, a beautiful story that appeals to the imagination and is very well represented in the Dickens’ A Christmas Carol series. Some houses were re-released in a later year but in a completely different version. It is up to you to see which more fits in the village. Maybe all two to grow the village …


Alpine village


prodlogo_ALThis charming European Village, located on an Alpine mountainside, surrounded by ice-cold streams and crystal-clear lakes, is home to many prosperous shops. With a bit of imagination, you can almost hear the alpine horn echoing through the mountains.

Christmas in the city


prodlogo_XCIntroduced in 1987, “Christmas in the City” is a miniature representation of Christmastime in American cities. Made of porcelain and hand-painted perfection. In this beautifully detailed “city” it is always fun. In honor of vibrant cities and their varied architecture, the series offers dozens of places to live, shop, work, dine and enjoy the arts. Transport suits the diverse needs of all residents, from riding a carriage to transporting in a taxi … To traveling by metro. Filling sidewalks with the shoppers and carolers while tourists occupy the park. The lights of the city dazzle the horizon and buildings give a spectacular skyline of the city. The total effect is a perfect mix of Merry Christmas and a breathtaking view of the city.


Winters Frost


prodlogo_WFA sparkling blanket of pure white snow has captured every tree, every building and every lamppost. A magical moment is created by nature and recreated by Department 56. Winters frost turns the fantasy into reality by creating a real winter wonderland for the holidays captured by the magic of the real ice-cold winters. A (still) small series with a really cool appearance ….


North Pole Series


prodlogo_NPIn 1990, the North Pole Series ™ became the home of the favorite merry old elf, Mrs. Claus and her busy little helpers. Sprinkled with shimmering snow, the brightly lit porcelain buildings and accessories are the image of the beautiful legend of Santa Claus, with a wink of course. The North Pole Series is clearly inspired by this enduring legend. At the North Pole, Santa Claus and his fairies, are busy with their work and sing songs while preparing all kinds of toys for the children from all over the world.




prodlogo_WMBWilliamsburg was around 1700 the capital of the state of Virginia in America. The city is named after the British king William III. For almost two centuries it has been part of the British empire as a colony. Around 1700 it was a vibrant center for political innovations and cultural changes. From here is the beginning of the American revolution and with the houses of the Williamsburg collection you get a real piece of history.

Downtown Abby


Department 56’s interpretation of Downton Abbey®. Department 56 craftsmen have meticulously tried to capture the architectural designs of the castle in their design. Each piece is hand-cast and painted by hand.

Disney Village


Far in the north, beyond the North Pole, there is a place full of joy. A place where Christmas is always celebrated and the preparations never end. Mickey’s Christmas Village brings pure magic into your home with fun details and sparkling lighting. Do not confuse this cheerful series with Disney Park Village © which has been retired for a long time. that was a series based on the buildings from the park. These houses are based on fantasy.



Department 56 came the summer of 2017 with a whole new theme: Margaritaville. Margaritaville is a summer theme, with atmospheres that you could encounter on tropical islands. “Where is Margaritaville? It is in the tropics and you do not have to travel to get there. There is a beach and an attractive beach bar located on the edge of the beautiful turqoise sea, where you can always find a lovely spot at the bar. Where can you find Margaritaville? It is an experience in your thoughts. Very different .. far from the Christmas Village idea but certainly not less fun.



The slightly smaller houses of Department 56 are called Accents. Created for the growing number of collectors who use the illuminated buildings as part of their home décor year around. this line offers endless possibilities for decorative displays. Not only are these buildings equipped with the Department 56 exclusive battery DAL Lighting, but they are also scaled down in size. giving more room for creative expression. Collectors and decorators are challenged to find fanciful inspiration within four different themes.

Churches of the worldaccents_23

Many people have strong emotional connections with holy places where they have ever been or have heard something special about. For that reason we have chosen to release these three cathedrals. Their design and detail are in tune with reality. All of them are provided with historical information on the back panel.

Main Street

Every city in America has set up a shopping street for Christmas. These are, among other things, traditions that we celebrate every year. Main Street creates a Christmas feeling of home, friends and family.

A Christmas Carol

is a classic. For those who cherish it as part of their Christmas. These illuminated facades bring the true meaning behind the story. Charity, mercy, being nice and redemption. Also in the normal big series there is a Christmas carol line.

accents_28Baseball stadiums

America is Baseball .. No one can beat it against the ball and resist the roar of the crowd. Each of these popular Major League Baseball stadiums are the unique favorites among fans. The back panel is provided with historical information about each baseball field.




Literary Classics serie



The inspiration of the Literary Classics series of Department 56 are 5 books / novels that are seen with their writers as literary ‘classics’. Department 56 has released this series very complete, the content exists n.l. from a house, which plays an important role in the book, the accompanying figures and also the book itself, in a beautiful version with hard cover.




The family tree