Typisch Hollands


Since 2007 Gardencentre Overvecht has been producing the series ‘Typically Dutch’. A series of illuminated Christmas villages with the authentic street scene that the Netherlands is proud of (not to be confused with Molendam of Luville) The first items of that year were the Market Square, the Canal Houses, the flower shop, the Westertoren and the pastry stall. especially that pastry stall was immediately a success among Dutch village builders and soon sold out. In 2008 the series was extended with, among other things, the Station Hollands Spoor, lighthouse the horse of Marken, the Magere Brug and Hotel New York, formerly the Holland-America Line. The 14 items from this series are now quite popular with collectors and it seems that we have a brand with them.


“The founder of Minidorp thinks / looks at the design of the Christmas tree seller”










The product

items usually consist of a set of houses in one set with figures on it, making it more difficult to combine with separate houses from other brands. The buildings and figures are made of polystone and the size is, unfortunately, also clearly different from one another.

Garden centre Overvecht (18 stores) was part of the Blokker holding, the typical Dutch houses can also be found in other stores. The group includes stores such as Blokker, Bart Smit, Intertoys, Xenos, Leenbakker and Marskramer. Blokker Holding has a total of 15 retail formats in 13 different countries, but most of the stores have Blokker Holding in the Netherlands. Very probably the series could therefore be extended each year with unique Dutch specimens.


Since 2013 there was little information available about Typically Dutch. It seems that the desire to become a “village” brand has not been met and it is only decorative pieces in the Blokker assortment with quite a few size differences. However, there are still some loose shops and even a set of loose figurines. They also released an item during the World Cup in the typical Dutch orange style.

De Blokker Holding found a buyer in 2014 for its stores from Tuincentrum Overvecht.

Blokker Holding rejected the retail chain to be able to focus on the core activities of household, toys and living. “The activities of Tuincentrum Overvecht were sold to an entrepreneur who indicated that he would like to continue investing in the company” De Borgeld Management Group. BMG is a family business that also operates other chain stores, such as Bo-mij (26 stores), Bo-rent (65 stores) and Ouke Baas Car Rental.

The first block store was founded in Hoorn in 1896. This nostalgic shop can not be missed in your Christmas village. The typical Dutch block shop has a size of 11.0 cm (length) at 9.0 cm (width) at 15.5 cm (height).


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It is now known that Typically Dutch is no longer sold in the Overvecht garden center but only via Blokker (web) stores. A new packaging line has even been launched, fitting into the new house style of Blokker B.V.

The item, the existing advertising column of Typically Dutch is even re-released, without a poster of Overvecht.





On the website of Blokker, however, there are only a few items and a very limited stock. The cloth seems to have fallen (November 2016) for this reasonably desirable brand.


Retail chain Blokker and Marskramer will close another 200 stores throughout the country in the course of 2017. This ensures that 1900 people lose their jobs. Blokker Holding is also putting the other chain stores on sale. This means that she renounces Leen Bakker, Xenos, Big Bazaar and Intertoys and Maxi Toys. Only Blokker continues to exist in slimmed-down form and online.

For real enthusiasts there is still hope .. Intratuin own brand (ITL) launched their “Holland specials” a few years ago and this line has been expanded considerably. Farmhouses, Facade houses and more Dutch items that fit perfectly with Typically Dutch. Figures, carriages and even a car can therefore still be added to the village. Intratuin has several branches throughout the Netherlands and Belgium and some stores even have local items, such as the pumping station at Cruquius and the Domtoren near Utrecht. Maybe look for something further, maybe even closer, but the village can still grow into a city.



By popular request here a (as complete as possible) list of already published typical Dutch articles;Typisch Hollands - Martinitoren


canal houses, Dorpsplein, Blokker shop, Amsterdam gate, Countryside scene


Westertoren, Lighthouse ‘t Paard van Marken, Oliebollenkraam, Hotel New York, Mill, Skinny bridge, Gin mill, Flower shop


Railway station, Toy shop, Ice-skating rink, Market stall vegetables, Cake and Zopie

Herring cart, Merry-go-round, Dom Tower, Bakery


Scharpenijper, Palace on the dam, Music kiosk, Christmas trees sale, Haystack, Elfsteden finish, Barrel organ, Café, Farm, Flower cart, Beer cart, school.


Ski jump, figurines


Zaanse Farm, Church, Cotton candy stall, Candy Stall, Skating Pond, Advertising column, Tram, New Church, Martini Tower, Coffee Roasting, Wooden shoe factory, Bike shop, Butter cheese and egg shop


Dutch orange snack stall, Oranjestraat, the pepper bus from Zwolle, City Hall Rotterdam, Lange Jan Middelburg, Tower Amersfoort, St Janskerk, Mailbox, Pharmacy and Grocery Store.


Vegetable wagon and stall (remake), chimney sweeper and children playing.

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Very different from all the other Typically Dutch items Blokker brought in 2015 a series of “Windowsill” canal houses.


But fortunately also a few real characters for the fans who have been saving for a few years. Only via Blokker stores so and unfortunately no longer at garden center Overvecht!