The classic PIKO product through which PIKO is known worldwide is the model railway.

In the track widths H0 (scale 1:87) and G (scale 1: 22.5), PIKO offers the model railway a complete range. In addition to the most different locomotives, passenger cars and freight wagons as well as building models, the PIKO A-rails and the PIKO G-rails contain everything that the model railroad friend needs for his hobby.403538_00

Attractive and equitable PIKO starter sets in both track widths H0 and G offer the ideal opportunity for entry into the fascinating hobby model track. But also for the areas of the track width TT (scale 1: 120) and track width N (scale 1: 160) the model railway gets favorable PIKO models.

videoPiko produces both rolling stock in scale H0 (1/87), N (1/160), TT (1/120) and G (1 / 22.5) and building sets of buildings in the H0 scale (1/87), G (1 / 22.5), Track I (1/32) and N (1/160). In addition, PIKO has a complete rail range in the range in the H0 and G scales. PIKO also offers a wide range of affordable starter sets for the starting model railway in H0 and G scales.

PIKO offers an extensive program for the advanced model railway enthusiast, but also the beginners, especially the youth, are not forgotten. For this group PIKO offers very affordable locomotives, cars and building sets of houses in the PIKO Hobby range. For the advanced model railway, PIKO also offers rolling stock in the richly detailed yet affordable PIKO Expert segment.

PIKO Spielwaren GmbH based in the Thüringische Sonneberg is one of the leading German and European producers of model railways and accessories in railway tracks G, H0, TT and N. with more than 550 employees in the production locations Sonneberg and Chashan in China.

The tradition-rich company was founded in Chemnitz in 1949 and has been owned by the leading firmant since 1992. René F. Wilfer. PIKO model railroads are mainly sold through the well-stocked model railroad shop. But you can also get PIKO articles in the mailing houses and online stores as well as in the toy department of department stores. In the area of ​​H0 and Gartenbahn, PIKO offers a full range and the interested model railway offers everything that he needs for his hobby in the relevant scale. This ranges from locomotives, carriages and wagons to building models, rails and complete starter sets as well as a proprietary digital system.

For the friends of the track widths TT and N, PIKO produces interesting locomotives, carriages and wagon models. PIKO model railroad products cover the most distinctive needs of the model trainers and are regularly tested and distinguished in the domestic and foreign trade press. For industrial and advertising customers, PIKO has become a reliable supplier of individually printed model railroad products that are used as high-value promotional items or for premium purposes.

PIKO Spielwaren GmbH presents itself at the various national and international trade fairs such as the Toy Fair Nuremberg, as well as at the consumer fairs throughout Germany to the model rail enthusiast. Every second year the “open house” is held in Sonneberg, which is visited by more than 10,000 PIKO fans and has long developed into an unforgettable event and fixed appointment in the model railway industry.


In the Netherlands Piko is supplied by Scaletrading.

Scaletrading is a distributor of various brands in the field of model railway, model cars and other accessories. They are agents and importers for the Netherlands of the brands: PIKO, NMJ and Epoche. In addition to the standard program of PIKO and Epoche, they regularly produce models for both brands according to the Dutch example.

* Source. Piko.de and scaletrading.nl