The Austrian company Jägerndorfer is a well-known importer of various model railroads in that country. A few years ago Jägerndorfer set up an exclusive product line under his own name. The range, consisting of model railway models and a collection of cable cars (1:32) and recently also in H0 (1:87), has expanded considerably in recent years. Of course mostly to Austrian example. Austria is the winter sports country par excellence and every slope has one or more cable cars.

But Jägerndorfer is best known for his cable cars. (The best way to position the set is at the bottom of this page)

The examples can be found in all popular winter sports areas. They are also used by winter sports enthusiasts every year. What would you have to do in such a mountain landscape without cable cars … Jägerndorfer brings them into shape (scale about 1:32 and now also in H0 scale 1:87) and delivers different sets and designs. Special is the relatively new circulation cable car to Austrian example. A beautiful function model that you can carry out with additional gondolas or seats and recently also with matching ski figures. After the removal of the Rigi cable car from Lehmann, Jägerndorfer had enough inspiration to design his own cable car that could be expanded with different gondolas or cabs. An absolute novelty in style!



The circulation cable car

Since 2010, Jägerndorfer has been supplying the so-called circulation cable cars. This cable car consists of a valley station with drive and a clamp with a cable wheel that is mounted about 3.5 meters away from the valley station. The cable length is approximately seven meters. The supplied seat and the gondola can be attached to this cable.

Separate seats and gondolas are available for expansion. After switching on the drive, the seats and / or the gondolas rotate their laps permanently. Winter sports at home!

The drive of the cable car is powered by four penlight batteries (not in the package). There is also a 6 volt adapter (JC50080) available separately that can permanently supply the cable car.

New in 2014: the ‘compact’ cable cars:

The electric compact cableway consists of a drive unit (without station building), a mountain wheel, a 4-person seat (black / orange) and / or a gondola, approx. 8 meters of cable and a connection socket.  ( Manuel )

vehicles and ..

Not only miniature cable cars are manufactured by Jägerndorfer but also the matching miniature figures such as ski and snowboard figures in the dimensions / scale of your cable car. The figures can sit in the chairlifts, skiing or boarding in the wintry landscape. When buying a cable car, the ski and snowboard figures are indispensable in your winter JC0400landscape of your Christmas village. These are also available in two sizes / scales ie 1:78 or 1: 32. The winter atmosphere in the mountains is not complete without vehicles. Jägerndorfer delivers the right vehicles and helicopters to fill in the winter picture. Tight and safe runs thanks to the ingenious PistenBully and supervision of the ski area thanks to the use of helicopters.

The Jägerndorfer collection has been delivered to Dutch customers by VeeDee Intertrade (supplier My Village) since 2017.

Placing the cable car is best done as follows;

First assemble the cable car stations as it can be read in the description and determine how long and how high you want to build the cable car. You can then start making the base on which you want to place the cable car. Keep in mind the minimum and maximum sizes as indicated here on the picture.

The minimum height difference between valley and mountain station is 15 cm and the maximum distance between valley and mountain station is 2.5 meters. Make sure that you correctly align the stations and the masts, there must be no lateral deviation in the route, otherwise the cable will be pulled out of alignment and the gondolas will not be pulled over the pulley or even at all. If the stations and masts are properly aligned, you can secure the stations and masts to the ground with screws. You can shorten the cable as needed and assemble it with the enclosed sleeve. Now that you have set everything up, mounted and aligned, you can place the roofs on the stations. Attach the gondolas to the cable as indicated in the description and keep a distance of about 15 to 20 cm between them or divide the number you have over the entire length.

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