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KLM presents KLM’s porcelain KLM houses to its passengers on board KLM flights in the business and Royal Class. They have been distributed for a long time and have therefore become collectors items. There are now 98 different types of houses released that are numbered 1-98. (2017)


The cottages are filled with gin.

with an alcohol content of 35%. The houses are in fact bottles with a cork and seal on the top. Sometimes the gin was drunk, but usually the bottles went home with them, whether they were full or empty.

Empty houses are presented on flights to some countries with alcohol restrictions. On a number of houses, a sticker explains this by referring to customs regulations. (Empty because of the adjusted regulations on this flight). Sometimes these empty bottles are made with a cork and seal and sometimes the empty bottle is executed without the cork and seal. KLM started issuing these miniature bottles in 1952. Airlines were not allowed to give gifts to their customers in order to prevent unfair competition. That is why KLM had made a number of Delft blue houses, and filled them with gin. Then the competitors complained that these houses with drinks would be a gift. KLM dismissed this accusation: we can decide for ourselves how we serve our drinks? Is there a law that states that drinks must be served in a glass? “… and that’s how it all started.

KLM was founded on 7 October in 1919. In 1993, 60 different houses were issued. In 1994, when KLM celebrated its 75th anniversary, they released a total of 15 miniatures. Making it a total of 75! different miniatures came, so the number of houses would be the same as the age of the KLM. In fact, house # # 75 is no ordinary house; it is the former headquarters of KLM. Since then, a new house has been issued on 7 October each year. In the year 2014 house # 95 was released due to the 95th anniversary of KLM.

The Delfts Blauwe KLM houses were made by Royal Goedewaagen.

Goedewaagen was first established in Gouda, but moved to Nieuw Buinen (Drente) in 1984. There were rumors that the houses were “remakes from Taiwan” and not the real “Delft blue houses”. What is the real story about this? This is what we know:

Goedewaagen made the KLM houses until 1995. The last shipment to Bols was in March 1995. Bols did not leave the houses by Goedewaagen, but had them produced in Singapore. The reason Bols decided to do this was that the Goedewaagen houses were sometimes of poor quality and could leak. Bols had received a lot of complaints and apparently Goedewaagen could not solve this problem. The CEO S.J. Kramer van Goedewaagen indicated that these complaints were “ridiculous”, “We make more Delft blue than they make in Delft. How can we then produce inferior quality? They simply find us too expensive. “That is why Goedewaagen filed a lawsuit against Bols about the termination of the contract.

Goedewaagen continued to produce these Delft blue houses, but without a “Bols” or “KLM” print on them, and the houses no longer contained any gin. Goedewaagen was dragged into court for this by Bols. In May 1997, Bols won this case, and Goedewaagen is no longer allowed to make products with the external characteristics of Bols’ KLM houses. For example, the KLM ‘Remakes’ and the KLM houses from ‘Taiwan’ originated … but they are two different types of houses:


The ‘Remakes’ are the houses that Goedewaagen produced after Bols had terminated the contract. These remakes are recognizable because they are not provided with the stamps KLM or BOLS.

‘Taiwan’, or rather Singapore … This is where the houses have been produced since 1995! So, all cottages numbered 75 and higher are made in Taiwan, but is this really a reason for panic? No of course not. In 1997, at the end of the lawsuit, she asked W. Ingenhoven (Head of Public Relations Bols): “So, does this mean that the KLM houses are not really Delft blue anymore?” His answer was: “The technique of making Delft blue earthenware is not tied to a place: about 75% of all Delft blue is not made in Delft, so does Drenthe, and there is nothing else for China. about their quality “. Simon Rynbende started his distillery in 1793. The Rynbende company was taken over by Henkes in 1953. Henkes was taken over by Bols in the 80s.

KLM first had a contract with Rynbende.
After the Rynbende was taken over by Henkes, the miniatures of KLM were filled with Henkes liquor. Then Schermafbeelding 2014-11-02 om 10.22.15in the 80s the name Bols came on the houses.

Since the Rynbende company no longer exists at the moment, it is unclear why a ‘remake’ was made by Rynbende. In the Rynbende time, Goedewaagen was still the manufacturer of these houses and they stopped in 1995, long after the Rynbende was taken over by Henkes and Henkes was taken over by Bols. The remakes made by Goedewaagen do not have the KLM and BOLS brands on their houses. This makes it easy to recognize, and I think that no KLM miniature collector collects the houses that are not “KLM” on the miniature.

The remake miniatures from Taiwan do not exist, because these are the real (official)


houses. Ok, they were not made in Delft, but Goedewaagen was not based in Delft (first in Gouda, and then moved to the east of Holland, Nieuw Buinen). There is therefore no reason for panic. Enjoy your collection and everyone has to wait and see if new miniatures will be added in the coming years on the 7th of October every year.


In 2014, the 95th anniversary of

KLM, the cottage is a replica of the Heineken Brewhouse. This is extra special, because Heineken celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2014.

Probably that the KLM houses will exist for a long time. KLM is then merged with Air France, but the KLM brand will continue to be used in the future. Her Royal Majesty Queen Beatrix has allowed KLM to use the crown and the title Royal or Royal in his name. This is a very special exception as a company normally has to be Dutch to receive this honor.

KLM village
A small village of the blue houses was discovered in 2013 in the lobby of the Hotel InterContinental in Manila. Most collectors will just save them … nice to see a village of it .. In Manila there was a photo exhibition about the KLM at that time and on the occasion a village was made of the KLM houses.

dorp van KLM-Delft-Blue-House-collection

Schermafbeelding 2014-12-29 om 15.49.40
Collector’s app

unnamedDelft Blue Collecting KLM houses is also nowadays high-tech. If you own an iPhone, iPad or Android phone, there is a new way to keep track of your KLM miniatures collection. Simply download the app from the Delfts blue KLM houses to view a list of all variants that have ever been produced. You also have all the miniatures that are already in your possession, at a glance in front of your nose. And you can view the ones you are missing in advance for your next trip in KLM World Business Class. For a more tangible souvenir, there is also the KLM Delft blue miniature book. In honor of their 90th anniversary in 2009, KLM published a special book that describes all of the different Delft blue miniature houses.




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