Other brands

There is more than a Christmas village … A small overview of the many other miniature houses that are available worldwide:





The trade names of Intratuin B.V. his Intratuin Trade & Logistics B.V. IT & L and ITL products. In the Christmas decoration of Intratuin “own brand” you can also find a series of Christmas houses that also received the name ITL. The red boxes with open window. Since 2012, there are also Dutch houses released under this line. As Holland Specials.

Recognizable by the blue sticker. In 2014, several items were released in the Holland Specials series that represent local special buildings in the vicinity of an Intratuin branch. For example, the Halsteren City Hall and the Cruquius consort are available at Intratuin Halsteren and Intratuin Cruquius, respectively … The ITL houses vary greatly in size, from extremely small to out of proportion. Because ITL stands for products and not for one line. There are also plastic / polystone houses and models of porcelain. Most houses have their own light with cord. Under the ITL line, separate items have also been released, including skating rink and the like.




These houses come from KaemingK, a supplier of Christmas articles from Aalten (NL)
Kaemingk has been bringing an extensive collection of houses (and accessories) to the market since 2010 under the collective name Lumineo (which, incidentally, is their brand name for all articles with lighting). The company has been looking for a (Chinese) house supplier that was not yet active on the European market and they have found a supplier that until now only operated on the American market.

They carry four series in their collection:
1. Christmas Shopping – all houses with a shop and / or shop window
2. Victoria Lane – cottages from England from the time of Charles Dickens
3. Nostalgic Winterland – houses that are models of the first European emigrants to America
4. LED Christmas Fun – houses and other variants with animation and / or colored LED lights.

The first year of introduction was relatively successful according to them. They try to create a line that can coexist with the strong existing brands and will not yet market this collection as a village brand, but focus on customers who do not really collect a specific collection and still want to buy nice houses at an affordable price.
In particular, the Nostalgic Winterland series differs from the none offered up to this moment.


EFTELINGholle bolle gijs

The largest fairytale park in the Netherlands also has its own miniature houses and accesories. This way you create your own fairy tale with this beautiful collection. Of the many fairy tales there are in this line a large number of houses for sale, just think of the gate and castle of Sleeping Beauty, the house of wife Holle or the house of Little Red Riding Hood. Not only the houses are available but also many accessories that relate to the Sprookjesbos are now available such as: a mushroom, donkey’s stretch, the Wolf and Hollow Bolle Gijs. So for those who want to recreate a true fairytale forest, there is plenty of choice. This line is produced by Edelman B.V, (yes the supplier of Luville) in collaboration with De Efteling. The first year that this series was put on the market they were only sold through Intratuin. Meanwhile there are several garden centers and web shops that deliver this. And of course available at Efteling as long as supplies last.


Currier and Ives 

Schermafbeelding 2014-11-18 om 17.15.10The Lumineo line is very similar to Currier and Ives porcelain houses that were once released by the Museum of the City of New York. This line has never been released outside the US. It was an ode to the duo or a smart marketing. Currier and Ives was a successful American printmaking company led by Nathaniel Currier (1813-1888) and James Merritt Ives (1824-1895). Located in New York City 1834-1907. Today, original Currier and Ives prints are sought after by collectors. Also popular are decorations with images of winter scenes, which are commonly used for American Christmas cards. The houses are copied from images of those winter prints. Unfortunately, the line has not continued. As said, the collectors can supplement this collection with Lumineo. Currier and Ives are even sung in a famous Christmas song “sleigh ride by johnny mathis”:

” There’s a happy feeling nothing in the world can buy
When they pass around the coffee and the pumpkin pie
It’ll nearly be like a picture print by Currier and Ives
These wonderful things are the things we remember all through our lives
Just hear those sleigh bells jingling , ring-ting-tingling too
Come on, it’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you”


Lilliput Lane

lilliput Lane

David Tate founded the Lilliput Lane network in 1982, and the company (now a division of Enesco) celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2007. A wide range of British, Dutch and French houses have been produced in this range, such as the British Heritage Collection. “including Buckingham Palace. There are also American “Landmark cottages” as well as illuminated cottages. A PDF catalog is available online via the multimedia page. There is a Lilliput network “Lane Visitor Center” at Skirsgill, near Penrith, on the edge of the English Lake District. There is also a collectors club. Prices of Lilliput Lane cottages range from $ 30 to $ 2000. Sizes range from 8cm to approximately 20 cm. Lilliput Lane offers you the latest collection of the world’s favorite miniature houses; handmade in the studios in the Scottish border area. Reeds, stones, tiles, and wood are all displayed down to the smallest detail. The architectural heritage is captured at Lilliput Lane in the most authentic, detailed miniature sculptures that are produced. The houses are made entirely by hand and painted in the Scottish border area by skilled artists. The houses have got more and more options over the years, and now also contain illuminated windows and doors, music or movement. In addition, there are enchanting winter theme cottages for a special look during the holidays.

“Unfortunately, in August 2016 we decided to close the factory in Langholm and to stop producing Lilliput Lane houses at the end of November 2016. the demand for these products has decreased to the point where it is impossible to continue … ”

Heartland Village.  


In America, Heartland has been an established brand for years and has been marketed there under the name Heartland Valley Village and Dickens keepsake. Heartland is made in China for O’Well novelties from Taiwan. After a year of intensive research and development, Cinter B.V. in 2009 also in Europe the Heartland Collectables Village ®. Each item is packaged in a sturdy polyfoam box developed by Cinter for the European market itself and therefore has different packaging than in the USA. All illuminated and moving figures have a low voltage or work on batteries and have the

European EN standard. In addition to all individual items, starter packages have also been put together. This way starters at home can get started right away with setting up a complete setting. All items are made of porcelain and the figures of polystone, painted to the smallest detail. The colors are clear, friendly and fresh. Trees and accessories are also available.

The size of the houses is similar in scale to most other brands and this makes Heartland Village extremely suitable to combine. There are also a number of houses equipped with fiber optic lighting and these could already be an eye-catcher.

Unfortunately, 2011 started with less nice news. Cinter B.V. the supplier of, among others, Heartland Valley Village for Europe is bankrupt and with that the availability of these fun items in Europe has come to an end.




Dominique Gault miniatures are collectors’ houses that are made in France with typical buildings from Paris, Provence, Tuscany and Alsace. Whole villages can be made from these houses and their many accessories. There are also some buildings of Venice and London. The miniatures come in two different product lines, a high-end ceramic line and a popular J. Carlton resin line. The line is not suitable to combine on the right scale with eg Lemax, Luville and Dickensville because it is much finer but also smaller .. but ideal for a small setup separately in a display case for example.



Kinkade Village


and Hawthorne Village is part of the Bradford group. This group sells a wide range of cottages and Christmas Village lines separately and through subscriptions. Their range includes Thomas Kinkade’s cottage ranges (Christmas Village, Coastal Winter Village, Lamplight Village, Victorian Christmas Village, Hometown Village, Mistletoe Mountain).

William Thomas Kinkade (January 19, 1958 – April 6, 2012) was an American painter of popular realistic and idyllic subjects. Notable was the mass marketing of his work. Reproductions and other licensed products were sold through the Thomas Kinkade Company. He called himself “Thomas Kinkade, painter of light,” an expression he always protected by his trademark, but originally credited to the British master JMW Turner (1775-1851). It is estimated that 1 in 20 American families copy of Kinkade’s paintings.

Despite great commercial success during his life, he had little appreciation of art critics; his paintings have been described as overly sentimental.

The Bradford group (Hawthorne) also has more unusual village subjects such as Dale Earnhardt’s Christmas Village Collection and Tim Burton’s “nightmare for Christmas village” collection. Hawthorne also brought a village of / about Coca-Cola collectibles of polystone and stopped in 2006 this is different from the Coca Cola town square collection. Prices for Hawthorne collections range from $ 50- $ 135 per item.


John Putnam 

$T2eC16dHJHQFFh,gmez)BSWSdJOtfg~~60_35-1At Woods Farm in Devon, an idyllic location near the village of Blackawton UK, John Putnam produces this beautiful series of ceramic houses. He gives every piece a personal touch that distinguishes them from the more detailed resin castings from other companies. The houses are all quite small, varying from 5 cm to 10 cm long. The collection includes approximately 165 buildings that he has produced as miniatures of traditional British and American houses. The houses are widely available on, among others, E-bay, the prices vary from $ 10 to $ 15.


Timothy Richards


produces architectural models of famous buildings from around the world with plaster. His models are available as bookends, architectural models and limited edition collectors pieces. Detail and soft uniform finish make these truly remarkable examples the best of the world of architecture. The range includes items as simple as a traditional British post box, to famous historic buildings (Ellis Island) and some of the world’s most beautiful buildings. Not suitable for a Christmas village.


The Tiffany Style Village


These handsome collectors pieces are handcrafted with the same techniques developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the early 1900s. Each of these home / accent lamps contain hand cut parts of real burned glass. Only a few of these houses have been made. You sometimes meet them in Lamp stores but you are more likely to make Ebay. Because they were originally released as lamps, they will naturally shine in the evening. Unfortunately, there are no accessories available so you still have to combine with another brand if you want to add a tree or doll.


David Winter Cottages.


have been in production since 1979. Now semi-retired, David Winter continues to produce for Friends of the David Winter Collectors Club. Latest editions of his cottages are available through a wide range of distributors and are widely traded, with varying prices. The cottages are traditional British Cottages, Christmas cottages with a story based on Dickens “Christmas Carol”. The offer is very wide, many of the cottages can be viewed online via the David Winter Information website. They are unlighted and on a much smaller scale such as Lemax.


Coca Cola© Town Square Buildings.

coca_cola_town_square_jennyA Christmas village of Coca-Cola ©, from the international Cavanagh® Group. These finely detailed pieces were designed with the Coca-Cola emblems and advertising themes from 1930 to 1950’s for a nostalgic look. However, there were very few retail stores that sold Coca Cola Town Square Buildings in 1992 and that makes spending from the first two years very difficult to find. The series has stopped in 2007 and values can vary from $ 10 to $ 150. All official pieces of this collection have a stamp on the bottom and the year of production is ingrained. Department 56 also has Coca-Cola houses in its collection, but this village was truly an independent series of Coca-Cola itself.


Santa’ s Workbench village.

Santa's Workbench Collection box

The Jo-Ann Company is a retailer operating in the USA. a range of merchandise offers, from fabrics, arts crafts and home decoration projects. The company also offers craft classes and other services. From February 2007, the company had 801 stores, including 628 traditional stores and 173 superstores spread over 47 states. In addition to the normal articles, they also offer many seasonal products that concentrate on various holidays and seasons. Jo-Ann owns several of its own seasonal brands, including Santa’s Workbench and Spooky Hollow. two fairly unknown brands, similar to gardencentra’s own brands here in the Netherlands.


St. Nicholas Square Village

6174844_1_lA company that gradually improved in quality is department store chain Kohls® in the USA. They had their own ceramic villages line and accessories under the name Sint Nicolaas Plein. It was sold until a few years ago. Many of the buildings and figures seem to come from the early-to-mid-twentieth-century North America. The St. Nicholas square designs are not as a hit as Dept. 56 or Lemax collections. However, their quality is more consistent than most of the “unbranded” products. Many department stores, hardware stores and specialty stores (including Jo Anne) had it in their collection for Christmas. The last models have again suspiciously resembled the Heartland village collection …


Michel Dupuy

dupuy2Miniature buildings of Alsace are the specialty of Michel Dupuy. His website shows beautifully detailed Alsatian historic buildings in a number of his ceramic series.



Lego winter village


In 1958, the famous Lego building blocks were introduced for the first time and since then Lego has become one of the largest toys brands in the world. The company was founded in 1932 by the Danish Ole Kirk Kristiansen. Although a lot of products and lines have been added over the years, the basis has always been the traditional Legosteen. The name Lego derives from the combination of two Danish words “lay godt” which means “toy”. Playing and building with Lego contributes to the development and creativity of children. LEGO publishes a Winterset every year. Definitely fun for under the Christmas tree!

Grandpa is sitting by the fireplace with his newspaper while Daddy decorates the Christmas tree and mom bakes a cake in the kitchen! When new firewood has to be put in the shed, daddy goes to the forest with the children on the sled. Do not forget the chainsaw! If a thick pack of snow has fallen, the road can be cleaned with the snow plow. The children take out their skis and build an igloo. Here the winter is the best time of the year!


Le Moulin à Huile

santon-provenceA fairly unknown brand of figurines and accessories from Provence. Made by artisans with great attention to detail and the time needed for perfect realization. Figures vary from 4 to 7 cm. Although they sometimes make some houses, they are mainly accessories. They also seem to stand on the Brussels market. (?)


Disney© Park Village

Image converted using ifftoany

Actually, it is not a separate brand, but it just falls under Department 56. The Department 56 Disney © Park Village Series is made from replicas of buildings in Disneyland USA. This series is so called retired and still difficult to find. This includes a Castle and a dinner from Mickey.

In addition, Department 56 brings Disney © Mickey’s Christmas Village Series. These are cheerful colored buildings based on a fantasy village where Mickey and his friends live. This series is extremely playful and is therefore often combined with Santa’s Northpole series. Every year only a few items come out of this series.


Hallmark Keepsake.

$_1Hallmark Keepsake Nostalgic houses and shops, Town and Country. This series started in 1984 and continues to this day. Joyce C. Hall stepped in 1910, with two stuffed shoeboxes with postcards, on the train to Kansas City (United States). Joyce went past drug stores and gift shops to sell his cards. Together with his brothers, he founded a specialty store in Kansas City in cards, gifts, books and printed matter. The Hall brothers soon made a name for themselves as the brothers who ‘act in desires’. The name Hallmark was born and grew into a global concept. Hallmark has licensing agreements for 7 of the top 10 most popular licensing properties and they have more than 49,000 different products in stores at the same time. Of course, miniature houses have also appeared under their brand.


Fraser Creations
ls 113

Lakeland® manufactured various ranges of handcrafted products in the Maryport studios, on the west coast of Cumbria, just outside the beautiful Lake District National Park United Kingdoms. Miniature houses were marketed under the name Fraser Creations, a series of mainly British famous castles, lighthouses, buildings and monuments. Fraser Creations stopped its production in the UK and moved its line to the cheap Far East. The items are very small like the birth house of William Shakespeare’s depicted here is only 15 cm long and 9 cm high.


Plasticville USA

Schermafbeelding 2014-12-20 om 19.07.37

Plasticville is a brand of plastic toy train buildings, sold in the United States. Created by formerly Philadelphia Bachmann Industries since 1947. In 1984 Plasticville was taken over and is completely made in China. Plasticville buildings are a simple design, made of walls that snap together, allowing them to be mounted without glue and easily disassembled for storage. Plasticville buildings are usually two colors with walls of one color and the doors, windows and the roof are cast from another colored plastic. With few exceptions, the product line has not changed since the late 1950s. Most Plasticville buildings are 1:64 scale. The first


Plasticville product was a plastic fence, marketed as a Christmas tree accessory. When Bachmann discovered that consumers used her product on the train layouts, they brought in some other accessories such as trees, shrubs, and bridges. In 1950 Bachmann had added houses and shops to the product line and Plasticville soon became the most popular brand of model train buildings on the American market. Collectors pay a lot for unopened boxes. Once glued together, the value is no more than a nice item for your layout.


Gessner Lichthäuser

g_016_rathaus_marburgGessner light houses are detailed models of historic and beautiful buildings.
Pure craftsmanship, without the use of molds, produced, and painted by hand.logo_01they are in no way comparable to the mass products from the Far East. The town hall pictured here costs about 150, – euro ex shipping. Only to be ordered through the studio in Germany..



Wade Whimsey Villages

51OrOFHQ4tL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Schermafbeelding 2014-12-30 om 13.14.28The Wade potteries (from George Wade) in England and Ireland produced several series miniature village collectibles in porcelain between 1980 and 1998. About 1.5 cm long and 1-2 cm wide, the buildings in all these series are collectible. The buildings can be combined to make rows of houses and have detailed designed roofs, especially the unglazed ones. The details on the buildings are made with the help of transfers. These collectables were originally priced for a few dollars each. The more rare ones in the series can now have a value of more than $ 200. It is, of course, a very small size and unlit. Combining is therefore not possible for a Christmas village. The main series of small porcelain buildings come from the “Whimsey Why” series, produced between 1980 and 1988, which were sold as individual buildings in boxed sets of 8 (with the exception of the set of five) with a collectors show card. Each building had a number which means what position the building had in the different series. The buildings are marked with “Wade England” on the bottom. The different maps in each set made it possible to form an entire village. The buildings themselves were repeated in different series with a different design. So you had to have doubles to have your cards complete.


Pine Rose Studios


Producer of tiny, detailed ceramic Christmas village homes, Sylvia Mobley of Pine Rose Studios in Northern California has led to a collection of nearly fifty different buildings, each small enough to be used for a Christmas village in a 1:12 scale dollhouse . With a degree in ceramics and sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design, she pays a lot of care at every step in the production of her small sculptures. Every building is hollow to fit over a light source, but the small design of the buildings makes them easy to handle and store. The glazed finish on these small houses has been expertly applied with an eye for the design, while attention has been paid to the fine details. No heavy coatings were used. These are items for serious miniature collectors who value detail and care with



Although these remarkably detailed ceramic houses are about 1 centimeter in diameter, each complete with decorations, landscaping and small window openings that make it possible to apply lighting and thus create the traditional illuminated buildings for a Christmas village. When seen through a lens of the camera, the details on these little houses makes them almost indistinguishable from the 1:32 scale full size Christmas village buildings. The Christmas Village line consists of small ceramic village houses in a range of styles and traditional designs, from windmills, stables and lighthouses, through houses of all types and models, shops, churches, station houses and public buildings. Below a picture of a Pine Rose village .. houses are on average 1 cm (!)




The Miniature Building Authority


The Miniature Building Authority have an extensive line of collectible miniature buildings and accessories in 25mm and 15mm scale for wargamers, model trains, or to use as village pieces. These are solid buildings, cast from resin with clear lines and details and finished with a strong textured paint. The buildings are complete with roofs that you can lift to expose the interior and some have a detailed painted interior. The range of models is large. There is a series of European buildings in 15 mm scale and another, complete with medieval castles and in 25mm scale, a 15 mm Middle East city, a 25 mm Americana series, a series of fantasy in 25 mm (the hobbit house !) 25 mm Science Fiction series, a 25 mm Modern series and a 25 mm Gold series with detailed painted interiors. There are walls (complete or destroyed), bridges, fences, garden fences, even flower boxes and cafe in some styles.

The pieces are sturdy heavy casting resin, out of the box and place directly in your diorama or village scene. The paint is clear and detailed, with the high contrast which is popular with gamers. The Miniature website Building Authority also contains some good photos of the buildings in a variety of scenes. Like gemald, nice for Wargames .. not for a Christmas village because of the size. See the video.



Rockwell’s Main Street

$_12-1$_57From the Rhodes Studios is the small series of Norman Rockwell’s Christmas collection 1993. These Sculptures are delivered with certificate of authenticity & Registration Certificate of Approval by the Norman Rockwell Family Trust fund. included is a lamp that fits in the bottom of the building. the light shines through strategically placed openings in the buildings as if the shop is open … They are not big sculptures and for purchase you can best go to E-bay …

Texaco town

This is a series of vintage style Texaco promotional service stations. It was produced by the Racing Champions Company in 1995 (USA). Various filling stations have been copied. model 1 in the Texaco service station series is for example a replica of a Denver, Colorado Style Town Filling Station from 1930. It is made of solid porcelain and is much heavier than a department 56 model. The approximate size is in inches 6 “Width / 7” Height / 10 “depth Copyright 1995 Glen Ellyn, Illinois and of course Made in China.



The Cat’s Meow Village


Surround yourself with American-made hand-held wooden village cottages. Or you buy “American-made” Cat’s meow “for yourself or as a gift for friends .. it is difficult to just buy one .. It will automatically become more of these souvenirs that evoke beautiful memories every time you look at them. Put them on a shelf, desk, bookcase, or even on the edge above your doors and windows, because they are very flat.

They now offer more than 1800 articles on www.catsmeow.com of famous sights, holiday themes and simple designs of everyday life. The store and factory are located at 2163 Great Trails Drive, Wooster, Ohio, 44691. Store USA. Made of wood, paint and ink. Replicas of buildings and sights for your home.


Garfield’s Christmas Village


Garfield is a comic strip created by Jim Davis starring the eponymous cat Garfield, his owner Jon Arbuckle and the dog Odie. In the Netherlands the comic appears daily in the newspaper. Garfield’s Christmas Village Lighted Houses By Danbury Mint in 1994 is a small village dedicated to the cartoon hero Garfield. Garfield’s Christmas Village consists of 11 pieces, including: Garfield’s House, Post Office, Cinema, Toy Store, Candy Store, Courthouse, Church, Bakery etc.

Danbury mint is a company / brand that brings out various collectables including a number of series of houses. Danbury Mint has made numerous products for fanatical Garfield lovers, including many Plush animals and iron cars and models. they also have licenses for, among others, Boyds, Coca-Cola, John Deere, Dr. ir. Seuss, General Motors, Goebel, King Features, Looney Tunes, Major League Baseball, Mars, Inc., NFL, Gary Patterson, Peanuts, Pillsbury, Elvis Presley, Red Hat Society, The Walt Disney Company and Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. They started with coins coins .. the moon landing was their first coin in 1969.


Charmex village / WinterValley / Nameless / Action

Schermafbeelding 2016-01-19 om 22.27.22

Actually, they are not real brands, but this is just part of Christmas decorations. Many houses appear in the Christmas decorations. For the tree or just on the cupboard, the manufacturers provide cheap sets with a kind of Christmas tree lighting. Sets with prices varying from 8 to 25 euros. often much smaller than the real Christmas village collection items, at most a few centimeters high. In Europe, for example, you will find these sets in the blocker or Action. In America these are the so-called dollar stores.

Often the sets are purchased from the wholesaler with an option for their own type of packaging that matches the look of the store chain, but you can also find these sets elsewhere in another box. In the case of large purchase, it is even possible to have a brand name or the like placed under the houses. For example, the Swiss Charmex (watches) has ever brought a batch of these cheap houses to the market.

Schermafbeelding 2016-01-20 om 09.16.45


Holiday Time

WAL MART® department store chain in the USA sells, besides Lemax, its own Christmas line and accessories under the name Holiday Time. This brand includes the Christmas lights but also houses in the right scale for our villages. It is not a large collection and you will not easily meet them in Europe unless someone offers them second-hand. Prices are lower than average .. think of 25 to 40 dollars. They even released their own store. In addition, they are often sets, including figurines.

Walmart is an American supermarket chain. The company was founded by Sam Walton in 1962 and is the largest retail group in the world. Walmart has 8500 stores in 15 countries, with 55 different names. Walmart operates under its own name in the United States and Puerto Rico. Walmart operates in Mexico under the name Wallmex, in the United Kingdom as Asda, in Japan as Seiyu and in India as Best Price. Walmart also has stores in Argentina, Brazil, Canada and the People’s Republic of China. In countries such as Germany and South Korea, Walmart sold its stores because they were unsuccessful.


Philip Laureston Houses

In 1973 Philip (UK) adopted Philip Laureston Designs as his new company name, working from home, hand-modeling the now famous animal figures. Each of these simple shapes was made in 60 seconds and then baked in an oven before going to artists to paint. Upon their return they were then glazed by Philip’s sister Bryony. It did not take long before the company had to expand to meet the demand. Machines were introduced to speed up production. A press machine increased production from 60 handmade per hour to a possible 600 per hour. After participating in trade fairs in Paris and New York, stores were opened in the US, Europe and Australia. This led to a new move in 1979 to the center of Torquay. At this moment the miniature houses were introduced in production. In 1987 Laureston Designs was on the move again and bought Babbacombe Pottery from Toni Raymond Ltd. and merged the two companies under one roof. The workforce was expanded to 40 people, the production and the doors opened for visitors to see how the pottery was made and to get started with painting and turning the potters wheel. There are various series, from cottages to well-known buildings and canal houses. The houses are smaller than the KLM houses, nice to collect but not for a Christmas village. production stopped in 1998.


Pokrovsky wooden houses

Model maker Dmitry Pokrovsky lives and works in Ukraine. As a child he was fascinated by buildings and urban space and he decided to concentrate on what he loves most. With the goal to brighten up someone’s day, he decided to create a miniature house and came up with five slightly different models to choose from. He decided to sell his models through Etsy, and to his surprise, they sold them all! Today, Pokrovsky continues to make his impressive model houses inspired by the architecture of the world. Each handmade house begins as a sketch on paper and is then cut with the laser from plywood, assembled manually and finally painted by hand in vivid colored acrylic. In the end, he produced a growing collection of charming buildings that look like they are coming straight from a movie. The work of Pokrovsky includes townhouses in Brooklyn, an American country house, Bavarian residences and even an apartment complex from the sixties of the Soviet Union. Each house has charming details such as shutters and balconies. They are not only decorative, but also functional: the roofs of each modal can be removed, turning them into storage boxes or a night light using an LED candle.


The Olszewski Collection

the story of OlszewskiBody of Art offers a glimpse of art from the perspective of a collection and themes rather than the individual pieces. The details of individual art can be found in the extensive list. Here you will find many collections of one subject such as “Cinderella”, wildlife, children, etc. that Robert Olszewski has made over the past 40 years.




The Saturday Evening Post  Christmas village

Norman Rockwell (February 3, 1894 – November 8, 1978) was an American painter and illustrator. Rockwell signed the front pages for The Saturday Evening Post for forty years. His works of art inspired to publish a number of illuminated houses in a small collection. In addition to Norman, there are also houses made in the same series according to drawings by artist Stevan Dohonos (among others the fire department barracks) The Saturday Evening Post are Houses that are slightly smaller than most common ones and can only be found for the real fan via Ebay.


Mr. Christmas

Mr. Christmas has been developing original and Christmas articles since 1933 and is known worldwide for its luxurious music boxes in various shapes and sizes and innovative Christmas decorations. Mr. Christmas offers its articles in 2 different lines: “Original Classics” and “Gold Label Collections”. The “Original Classics” collection includes articles with animation and music. Within the “Gold Label Collections” you will find very detailed high-end collectors in the higher price range such as fairground attractions, perfect for most Christmas villages, but also very suitable for use all year round! There are a few houses in the collection but see this more as separate items with music and lighting. There is no clear line for a complete village.

Gingerbread village

Christmas is the season for creating holiday traditions! Building and decorating a Gingerbread (gingerbread) village is a great way to bring the family together for some fun. This gingerbread kit contains four gingerbread houses plus lots of candy and glaze so everyone can join in to create a cute mini-village. With the variety of colorful candies and ready-to-use glaze, you have so much fun in decorating. You can use the ideas from the kit or let your own decorative personality shine! Then give the village a place on a mantelpiece or as a centerpiece on your Christmas table. So dive into the kitchen and bake, decorate and have fun. O.a. available at Wall mart and Michaels in the USA … in the Netherlands you will have to be more creative and make it yourself.
Midene Art Studio

Midene “is the leading Lithuanian manufacturer of artistic sculptural ceramics: mainly decorative elements for inside and outside, aromatherapy miniatures, clay figurines for garden or office, artistic chamotte articles and other highly artistic items.With craftsmanship in the heart of our company, have a process developed to ensure quality in every production phase.
“Midene” is based in Panevėžys (Northern Lithuania) and is the largest artistic ceramics company in the Baltic states, producing high-quality artistic ceramics since 1994. Each of our designs is individual, most products are made by hand in a traditional way. Our most popular items are Garden Deco ceramics and the truly outstanding aroma candle houses that follow the traditional architectural styles of different countries of the world. These exclusive aesthetic items count for about half of our production. “Midene” exports to the US, Canada, Japan, Australia, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and most European countries.

Enjoy exploring the colorful world of “Midene”!

Even more?


This list is still growing ..........


Heartland christmas tree farm