1 Snow

What is a winter Christmas village without snow? Despite the fact that among collectors and videosneeuw1village builders more and more are being built all year round, most houses in the village still have snow on the roof.

The starting point for the designers was the cozy village for the Christmas period. But how do we turn our display into a real winter wonder country? just by letting it snow! and we can imitate this in various ways in the village …

The easiest way to build a simple “white” display is to make a bottom of a so-called snow 194092.jpgblanket. This is a kind of puffed-out white fleece blanket. Available in various sizes, in most stores around Christmas. Simple and simple to also use the electric cables underneath it, you can easily cut and tear it .. However, not convenient to put your figurines and lanterns on them without falling over.

In this period you can also buy bags of imitation spreading snow everywhere, this is made from a plastic waste product and is available in various qualities. From very coarse to reasonably fine. If, for example, you have made your base for your village made of Styrofoam (polystyrene), wood or PU material and zaksneeuwall items have been placed, you can sprinkle this material over your landscape and imitate a thick pack of snow. Remember, however, that this scattered snow is quite light and at times when there are two doors open to each other it can also snow in the rest of the room! It is, however, an effective way to cover the ground plates of the figurines evenly under the snow.



A step further is the method to use white decorative sand. This clear white sand is much heavier, stays where it is laid down. Nice to show details on the ground, such as pebbles and street work. Another nice feature of sand is the possibility to draw cart tracks and footsteps. Beware, buses supposedly bird sand contain small black grains ..sneeuw3 this does not give a clean snow image. garden centers, but also stores like Xenos and Blokker also have real white sand, in buses or bags. However, sand to imitate thick packs of snow is perhaps less suitable.

When painting your display, keep in mind where the snow really should be, for example on the ski slope, this part can then be left white (latex). Sprinkling a bit of snow in the wet paint also gives a freshly snowed effect.

Spray cans with snow can (even if it dries badly) also be useful when dressing your display, but pay attention that this does not come on your purchased items. The green of the trees and hedges will change color and the lacquer on the houses can be (!) Affected.


baking_soda_nl_bakingsoda02baking soda Get you in a Toko or supermarket. Baking soda is a baking soda (bicarbonate) that you can use for many things. It has a healthy effect on your skin, it is a cleanser for the mouth and it helps to kill bacteria that cause odors. But it is mostly white! shimmering white even and therefore very suitable for mimicking snow .. be careful, not suitable for damp room. watch out with straw on items .. it is ideal to sprinkle on the paths and flat spaces and make footprints in it but it remains … salt



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Zwitsal Talcum powder is an easily spreadable powder that is packaged in a handy sprinkler. The talcum powder has been developed for the care of the skin. The powder contains mainly talc that is able to absorb small amounts of moisture. Because of the white appearance quite a nice snow replacement, even on houses where it remains easy. It remains even so good that you actually have to “wash” the houses after cleaning up your village .. It is actually quite greasy after a few days because of the moisture absorption


Instant snow

This magic snow consists of 20 grams of powder, which is in a can. This is sufficient to make one liter of snow. Mix 1 teaspoon Insta-Snow powder with 60 ml of tap water at room temperature for the best result. After a few days the snow will become powder again. To keep it fresh and soft, simply spray a little water on the snow and mix it with your fingers. You can also dry it completely to use it again! This takes about 7-10 days depending on the temperature and humidity in the environment. The dry powder form of Insta-Snow lasts forever and can be used again and again. Because you have to keep getting wet it is less suitable for a Christmas village.


Sometimes “somewhere” suddenly comes a spontaneous idea to use “something” differently … Or do you have an idea? Let me know. Of course we will complete this list!




Have snowfun!!