2 Make trees yourself


Trees and shrubs bring a lot of atmosphere in a village. It makes you more landscape-like and more dressed. In the shop, trees of all shapes and sizes are for sale, with lights and without, Christmas trees and deciduous trees (usually bare for the winter villages). Making trees is of course much more fun.


The basis of each tree is a trunk with branches. The trunk must already have the shape of a tree and be strong enough. Branches from the garden are ideal for this. However, a twig is not yet a tree. You can make trees from:

1 Trees of branches.
Look around the garden. To the bushes, for pruning, maybe there are branches on a shrub that have several shoots. Or at the bottom of a dead bush to the shape of the roots (?). BoomtakkenThere is probably material that can be used with the shape of a mini-tree ..
If you spray the top of these “mini” trees with glue you can make a real tree with leaf material. You can buy this sprinkle material in a toy / model train shop or at Christmas time at the garden centers, but you can also make your own litter. For example by pulverizing so-called green oasis from the plant store, painted sawdust or other material that you yourself think seems like! Hold the wet tree in one hand and sprinkle the flakes over the tree with the other hand, while slowly turning it around. Shake the covered tree very slightly and fix it immediately with hairspray. You can also use spray glue instead of hairspray.



View a comic strip here





2 Trees of iron wire and sisal rope.

You also need a hand or cordless drill with a hook in the drill head, a vise, cutting pliers and a (hobby) scissor.
Take a piece of copper / iron wire of approx. 30cm and approx. 0.7mm thick and fold it double. Turn the two ends together once. Clamp this end in the vise. You take coarse rope (flax, hemp, sisal), cut into pieces of about 6cm.boom2

Flatten this cut piece of rope of approx. 6cm so that the individual fibers are free and are no longer wrapped in each other. There are one or two pieces of unraveled rope per tree. Distribute the pieces of unraveled rope evenly between the upright loop of copper wire. Then pull the copper wire tight with the drill with hook. The unraveled rope now remains clamped between the copper wire.Schermafbeelding 2014-11-18 om 19.11.35
Keep the copper wire stretched and let the drill turn. The unraveled rope will neatly divide itself like the branches of a tree. Continue until the copper wire breaks off.
Now cut the fibers so that a nice conical tree shape is formed. Now dip the ‘tree’ completely into the thin (wood) glue. Let the tree drip and ‘spin’ the tree between your thumb and forefinger, or spray the tree with spray glue. Take a handful of green spreading material (painted sawdust, crumbled oasis, etc.) and sprinkle it over the tree. Do this a few times until the tree does not absorb anything.

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Another nice way to make a tree of iron wire is to click here


3 Multi-stranded electric wire.

In the electro and on the construction they sometimes use multi-wire electric wire. That is a cable with several wires tied together and ideal for a tree with tasks to separate. Take a piece of about 12 cm. Begin by freeing the cable, the so-called stripping. If the cable is largely stripped to about 3 to 4 cm you can expand some of the loose wires into tasks. Always take several wires that you fold out a bit higher to smaller branches.

Later you cut the parts of your tree into shape and “strip” your small part of the bottom as roots .. if you do not completely strip the trunk you can put a wood grain into it with a knife. Spray the whole in the desired color and sprinkle as previously mentioned to obtain a canopy.













4 Plastic or dried flowers.

Joining artificial plants or parts of them and wrapping the branches with tape can also be a very nice way, certainly to make some more summer trees, as if they are in bloom in a spring village. Take a few twigs and wrap them together from underneath for example with brown flowers tape or masking tape (crepe) which can be colored later. Use your imagination to give the branches a nice shape. Do not be afraid to make a bigger tree, in real life most of the trees are also far above the houses. In certain action shops bulbs with plastic sprigs are often very cheap to obtain.

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5 Pollard willow of wooden pricker

The pollard willow, really a tree from our typical Dutch landscape. And now that more and more Dutch scenes are made, this can not be missed.

Schermafbeelding 2014-11-18 om 19.23.46

A simple way to quickly make a few .. First take the wooden plant sticks for a solid base strain. Make a point with a knife or sharpener under and above the first stick of about 8 to 10 cm. Stick a few shorter sticks around this basic stick with wood glue. Then make a ball of styrofoam by breaking pieces of a block.

Then wrap some painter’s tape around the rough trunk and stick the styrofoam ball with some wood glue on the top. Then tape the tree trunk with Flora tape (Brown, from the flower shop) and put some wooden sticks in the ball. Color the ball and pricks also brown with acrylic paint and while it dries you can already start on the next one. A row of these willows along a dyke will certainly be nice!

Schermafbeelding 2014-11-18 om 19.23.56 Schermafbeelding 2014-11-18 om 19.24.06 Schermafbeelding 2014-11-18 om 19.24.15

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6 A hedge …

Take a piece of foam rubber or for example an old scourer. Cut this into strips of desired height. grease or spray with glue or green acrylic paint. and sprinkle the whole as long as it is wet with spreading green of MyVillage. A simple way to create a formal garden.

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